Humane vs Animal

Within all of us there exists two, the Animal and the other our Humane side. These two are in constant turmoil within myself as well. As I plan for my trip to Haiti, my dreams, fantasies and nightmares fly/flow all over the place.

I am trying to write the same thing I wrote this morning, which was in French but already it is much different! Mind you I’ve been awake for over 15 hours now and I do not have a copy of the other text in front of me which would be helpful.

 I’ve read that an NGO pays its workers there in Haiti, $4.95 per day for digging trenches. Also read that the average wage per person in that country is but $2! Not quite sure whether that amount was for a day, week, or even year! Cities may be different from countryside. Would like to visit both.

Would like to visit schools. Large proportion of the population is under 20!

If a worker doing hard physical work for seven or eight hours per day and only gets paid  $5, then how much would a prostitute deserve or expect for a couple of hours or night of her time? One would think by using pure logic that even $10 would be way too much! My animal in myself dreams of the fun I could or will have. It is both a nightmare and a dream at the same time.

The animal goes even further and says to me, if they are young and clean then why not! Same for the girls here, I keep writing! Making love is natural, always was and always will be. Then again we have religion and Governments! That part of our teaching or knowledge for some that is so deep that we can not shake it off. Makes some of us think that it is dirty to enjoy that part of life.

Here I am at 57 years of ages still dreaming of encountering and having relationships with the much younger and ready youngest of willing ready girls.  On “Tagged”, a dating site, there are many, 22 to 30 year olds looking for all kinds of things. Many are single, others single moms. We have con artists who try to sway you to watch them on their other sites. Some try to extract money from you in one way or other. Some want to make connections in order to get out of the hell hole they are in.  Some are party types, others fool for fashion all made up and surrounded by luxuries. Others with just simple every day ragtag clothe. Others have nothing else to do but spend time on the telephone or computer and maybe even showing their friends their/the ruse/catch/fool at the other end.

As the average lifespan there is lower than ours it is harder to find ladies my age compared to other more “lucky” developed countries. Mind you I am not planning this trip to see the adults at pretend work and play or get involved in a relationship, but see what is broken and possibly offer solutions like I’ve been doing for over 13 years now here in Canada.

So I really dislike or even at times hate my animal side of myself. He says, why settle for the older crowd, why not go for the best! The most youthful, youngest, and cleanest. Many of the “teens” or even pre-teens do not even go to school. Being so warm or hot every day they barely wear any clothe which allows one to see every curve, big, small, and/or just starting to sprout.

The wealthier, better off financially, crowds must send their kids to school. That leaves the poorest out in the streets.

All of this is fantasy BTW! I write things from what I’ve read and pictures from many angles and perspectives. To read comments about the lack of toilets, hot water or even a refrigerator as well as people write seeing groups of 12 year-old boys smoking weed out in public. Over here they have playgrounds, backyards, cool parents basement or both parents working houses/homes to smoke in. Yes, there are 12 year-olds in Canada and the U.S. of course that smoke weed!

What good is a refrigerator if the power source is so unreliable or where the stores have very little refrigerated foods! 

My Humane side thinks differently. Should I fast when there. Eat a minimal amount of food per day. Lose weight. Do I have the right to consume water and food in a country that is already in short supply to quench or feed its own people because I have more money then them?  Being lucky to have been born in one place rather than another.

Do I even have a right to harbour thoughts about making love or having sex, or even falling in love, with any female there as like other places on this planet the males out number the females. What makes me think that I could even get laid! Has not happened here in ten years, why would there, that place be any different!

I am not nor do I want to be a sex tourist. That is not my intent. At least I am honest with everyone. I tell them here and now about the animal within me. Mind you, here like elsewhere money plays a big part in sex, love, and even marriage.  What are “trophy wives”? Who has them but those with more money then others!

I’ve never paid so why start now! Would rather just make love if opportunity arises.

I fear going to Haiti! I am going alone. Do not know anyone there. Fear having to spend a lot of money on hotels where the profits all go in the same few advantaged pockets. Fear that parents, boys and men would get hold of my animal thoughts and turn on me violently. Fear that again like the rest of my life and my past 13 years of blogging would pass without the positive impact I set out to do.

How could there be so many traffic jams in a country/city (Port Au Prince) that is so short of fuel! How can Governments allow such an un-even distribution of wealth as to allow many to die so early/young.

They say stay away from the public buses as they get robbed a lot when going from city to city. The roads are not well-kept, full of potholes.

Why not have those highway robbers fix the roads and put up legal tolls! One Haitian dollar for Haitians and $10 U.S (or Canadian) for others! With that money they buy food and water for their families.

We/they/man deforested the country! Why not replant as many varieties as we can. Can bamboo grow there? They can build with that wood.

Capitalism’s ways are destroying, killing the land and people!

Do I bring a Home Hardware catalogue on my travels. Make a note on what is needed most then try to organize/collect a container of tools, if that would be most helpful (after food), to arrive next December, after the rainy season?

It is clean water that is needed there is it not? Why not build tankers for water, get them started. With growth from seed or seedlings the soils will start to retain water again. We have to plant now in order to better the future of all life in this country.

Could I, one common every day regular person, arrive and give hope to a people! Hope for a better future.

epqanna, arriving soon in Haiti for the health of all beings, present and future!

Where do/could we start re-building the new next cities? One without the personal automobile, where every person get an equal portion or part of the existing and new wealth.

Will it be a good place to retire? If accepted by the people I do not see why not. My small pension here will go a long way there!

One lady suggested I rent a house so we can stay in, for the month of my visit.

Could I find a single lady or mom with a small apartment needing some fuel, water and food in exchange for a chance to sleep on a sofa or next to her without the doing! Where are you dear?

Do I start drinking the local beer for fluid. What of weed! Do I dare feed the animal in me such poison! Alcohol and weed to some makes them want to fight and/or fuck. Worse for a miserable people! I myself weed and alcohol makes me want to fuck. Oh, but I do fight also but with words!

Do I dare talk to political candidates or parties while there? Do I advertise my movement(s) or symbol(s)?????? Do I try to create the first Global epqconomy!

KingGDerome  RoiGDerome

About epqanna, epqannaman, KingGDerome

A person who sees, cares, has, doable attainable, plans ideas Visions of a better world for all life. Global person ignored by the in power wealthy spoiled arrogant and at times ignorant and very controlling. Hiding behind their evolved words and ways. Words are mightier then the sword, only and if, they are echoed!
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