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CBC The Current; Womans Sexuality.

Listened to most of the broadcast this morning. Got tired of listening to the pop and oldies radio stations. It was a nice change to listen to news and comments from various people instead of repetitious songs musical notes tunes, … Continue reading

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Advice- Pre-teens, Teens – Shaving

To all pre-teens and teens please hold off any shaving as long as you can. This goes for all males and females for all areas of your body. Once you have cut the tip of hair (peach fuzz as it is … Continue reading

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Humane vs Animal

Within all of us there exists two, the Animal and the other our Humane side. These two are in constant turmoil within myself as well. As I plan for my trip to Haiti, my dreams, fantasies and nightmares fly/flow all over the … Continue reading

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No god(s). Pas de dieu.

Fitting for my 100th post on this blog. Yes, I’ve written about this topic before but for those who have not gone back to my earlier posts or are familiar with my blogs over the past thirteen years, here it … Continue reading

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Kilts (2011)

Again, another article about the lengths of “Kilts” worn by high school students here in Toronto. Of course it is the same old debate that keeps popping up ever since the mini-skirt has appeared on our fashion scene. The particular … Continue reading

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