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Death count, protests, indicators of health.

The number of deaths caused by covid-19 and protests against the recommended lock downs is a sure indicator of the health of a Country. It is quite obvious that the wealthiest Country on the planet, the United States of America, … Continue reading

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Mental well Beeing exercise.

Yes, I did spell that word with two “e”s. It seems that the only way that we can became more humane is to be more like bees. Buy, find, or, make an eye patch. Start slowly for a few minutes … Continue reading

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Mental Well Beeing. Get epqed!

4 one half hour a day of your computer time. After exercise, cool down, wash, sit relax log on your favorite media device. Seek epqanna. Put your mind in a different state. See things from an evolutionary perspective. Jump from … Continue reading

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Not alone!

Somehow I just found an article written a couple of weeks ago. Here it is. http://www.msn.com/en-ca/sports/nfl/montana-at-59-i-cant-really-run-or-do-much/ar-BBpcdxf?jid=50110&rid=8&FORM=MD12PQ&OCID=MD12PQ&wt.mc_id=MD12PQ Same age, close to the same knee problems. I can not run much either. Probably more then him. Every time I carry anything else … Continue reading

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No Canada TV Please!

There is a big poster on a bus shelter on my way to work I pass by every day. It is a big dark picture of “Judge Judy”. Been there for about  a month now! It is promoted by “YesTVCanada/yestv.com … Continue reading

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Coming out!

I have to admit; I, like everyone adult, or nearing, have Mental Health Issues (MHI). Sometimes the rules and guidelines of, living or being civil, of certain cultures, religions or governments themselves are guilty of having closed minds and as … Continue reading

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Stop the Ritz NuitBlanche Take a Pic.

I’ll take myself out on a date tonight. I’ll go see some of the light exhibits. My first visit to this yearly spectacle. I’ll bring my camera along! You will most likely have your as well. Take a pic. of … Continue reading

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Students, take a pic. (Labour Day) Win $

I will be walking my 11th (21st including the June 25th walks) 25 mile “Project 10 Billion” walk on Labour Day tomorrow. The three best pictures sent in will win some pocket money. A total of $221.10 to be won. … Continue reading

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Angered Brazilians (FIFA)

We hear and see protesters from Brazil on our newscasts here in Canada. They are condemning the present Government for the costs involved in hosting the World Cup while many of their citizens are still living in third world country … Continue reading

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Ontario, City Politics, Elections 2014; Transportation

We know for a fact that there is a long list of other pollutants associated with the vehicle. More then the internal combustible engine itself as some put forward as the green solution. We still need to build roads which … Continue reading

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