NOT good to go!

While searching through “Naked Pre-Teen” photos with MSN and or Bing I found these photos.

My link previously loaded onto this page did not work so I uploaded the picture from the article. (Work in progress, Good to Go).

Here is another picture from a “Nudist” site. Nothing wrong with nudity. Beautiful she is. Nothing about sex with this picture. Natural, toned, tanned, and smiling. Proud of her body. Is that “Peach Fuzz” we see growing? Nice, Soon Ready to Go, possibly ready now, or not?

Actually I’ve read that it is illegal to even search such a topic but they make it so easy and they let us! There are very few pictures of naked Pre-Teens. The naked ones are more of legal aged girls and caricatures of young girls. There are few of “nudist” used as a loophole, true and very natural. There are many bikini clad very young girls and with open spread legs on display. Links are to be avoided as they are full of viruses ready to attack your computer.

As I’ve mentioned/written many times that I would be more than willing to “teach” young girls of that age. I’ve always kept the premise that “those who are ready and willing”. These girls in the pictures may not in that ready state, at least physically. They have no chest sprouts and odds are any kitten hair starting to sprout. Mind you their minds may be ready which makes it very tough to weigh. An interview would be in order or required before an epqcounter would be arranged.

The article claims that in this State of Maine middle school free condoms and chemical abortions may be available as many at this age are already sexually active. They do not say whether it is with others their age or a little or much older boys/pretend-men/men.

The point is that are being sexualized at a very young age. Whether we like it or not. Sex is everywhere, in advertising, movies, cartoons. newspapers, Internet, and even in politics. We adults know that! Those who curse this reality are hypocritical!

If she alone and/or with her parents approached me for an “epqcounter” lesson I would not only be dumb-founded but also stuck in a turmoil. If she or another at that stage of development has had previous sexual experience or encounters it would be hard for me to refuse, turn down. The “good to go” whether been gone before would not even be considered for further exploitation/sexercise. That is not my intent/purpose/goal.

She is too young to fu*k or make love. It may be that she has already had “bigger” then myself but it does not matter. She is still a child.

This is mostly for those that think that I would “do” a child.

I want my writings, thoughts, ideas to go public! I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of. Seduction, attractions & repulsions, are the most natural energies in the Universe.

Seduction of the mind and heart should be worthy of existing if the final goal is beneficial to health and life!

This girl is not “good to go” in the sexual way but if between nine and thirteen years-old and ready for a greater purpose in life, I would be there for her as a teacher, mentor, guide, and Master for life.

Work in Progress? She is.  We are all.

While scoping pictures of young nudist it is perplexing to see that while they claim to be “Naturalist” they seem to all shave their private parts. Pictures of girls from 9 to 21 all seem to be hairless! Somehow it is very hypocritical of them. Mind you they may do as they are told or are ignorant fools of fashion. To see girls with breasts one would think that their bushes have grown along the same time lines!



-July 28th, 2013-

As this is the biggest draw from amongst my blogs, I thought that I would put in a few fresh words.

I would like to know who and wha tkind of people are that are visiting/reading this page? Are you, educators, politicians, parents, perverts that like the pictures, or other?

I never get any feedback or comments. Would be nice, just to know.

While you are on my site, what do you think of my “Royalty” chances? King of the whole planet of course as I care about all life not just some marked off area or country(s). Of course if you read my other blogs you would see how strong I am (in mind). The solutions we, the Human race, must take are here to share on this site. Do read further…

February 26 2018

As this is my most read post I thought I would bring it back to the front of the line.

I have not changed. I would still give a Changeling an lesson (epqcounter).

Again it is not about me but rather the ideas associated with epqanna and Project 10 Billion that counts.


July 5, 2020

If this post is on a porn site, please inform me. or

December 3 2020

This post went unpublished in July. Lost 90% of my WordPress followers or readers. Most likely was on a Porn Site.

They did not read any of my words as the pics. themselves were the attraction. That is my take on it.

A lot has changed since then. No more Changelings. Covid-19 is doing the trick instead.

About epqanna, epqannaman, KingGDerome

A person who sees, cares, has, doable attainable, plans ideas Visions of a better world for all life. Global person ignored by the in power wealthy spoiled arrogant and at times ignorant and very controlling. Hiding behind their evolved words and ways. Words are mightier then the sword, only and if, they are echoed!
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2 Responses to NOT good to go!

  1. Ken says:

    I came looking for commentary on the pictured t-shirt. Found an extremely creepy sumbitch drooling over little girls and the relationships and encounters he’d like to have with them. Either you’re truly insane (possible) or you want to collect money to molest children (probable).


    • I have no idea what T-shirt you were searching. The “not good to go” was on a bathing suit. Why would you only comment on an article I posted over a year ago and not any recent ones? All kinds of people on this planet are paid to work with children. What is wrong with me joining those ranks. If you read carefully you will notice that I am a self proclaimed “Master of Time”. The object of my encounters is not about or for sex but rather the education of the mind and heart. To instill a long term work/play/living guideline/plan/Vision. The nudity and little touching involved is not molestation. It rather helps ensure that my words during the first hour of an “epqcounter” will be heard and understood for life. What do you think of my political ideas/agendas? Or did you not read anything else I wrote! No I am not insane and no the object is “not to collect money” as all funds will be for those in need and not for myself.


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