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I use another site.

PornHub is Canadian. I use xnxx. Twelve to fifteen years ago the site was different. It just streamed one video after another. Then I saw a “Date Rape”. I alerted the police via e-mail and within hours that site … Continue reading

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Labour Day Walk RedHead

Again like on many others of these Project 10 Billion walks I brought along my camera. Took 22 pictures with three of them being of young ladies (not girls) backs without them knowing. The Red Head being refered to is … Continue reading

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Advice- Pre-teens, Teens – Shaving

To all pre-teens and teens please hold off any shaving as long as you can. This goes for all males and females for allĀ areas of your body. Once you have cut the tip of hair (peach fuzz as it is … Continue reading

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