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Feral Pig Hunt, Saskatchewan.

In another Green employment initiative scam, the federal and provincial governments collaborated on an annual pig hunt temporary part-time employment program. We are looking for hunters to hunt down, reduce the numbers of the evasive out of control feral hog. … Continue reading

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Lost about an acre of bush land yesterday. It was a windy day and some fool lit an uncontrollable fire downhill. It overtook about 5 to 6 acres in all. One on my land plus a line of wooden fencing … Continue reading

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I use another site.

PornHub is Canadian. I use xnxx. Twelve to fifteen years ago the site was different. It just streamed one video after another. Then I saw a “Date Rape”. I alerted the police via e-mail and within hours that site … Continue reading

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Walking down the road to purchase a few pieces of bread I got ambushed and bombarded with rocks. Pow. One hit me right on the crest of my right foot. Right where shoe laces used to be found. Now I … Continue reading

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