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What a waste!

  Quote "As cultures clash others are formed and arise, please welcome epqanna, a Global way of living for all living humans." She could have made such a beautiful epqnun, epqmodel, or epqpolice. She was around when my epqcounters were first offered … Continue reading

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Leaders may discuss climate change as pat of Economy!

  Quote "Economy keeps one fifth of the worlds people comfortable while making all other life sick, dying, or dead!" They may discuss climate change and pollution at the G20 meeting only because it may affect the involved worlds haves … Continue reading

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Talking about Canadian celebs’ outrageous speaking fees – I’m worth more then them!

  Quote "When people are kept in the dark, they lack Vision!" If only the poor, short changed, cheated, and those who could not grasp or want to manipulate words, numbers or people for money knew about my knowledge, at … Continue reading

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Reasons why Capitalism must end.

  Quote "It is unfortunate that it will take a Global revolution against Capitalism in order to make the necessary changes to ensure the survival of all life on this planet!" This type of activity must end. for picture of … Continue reading

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