Who am I?

Who the world thinks I am, who I think I am and who I may be are all probably very different.

Do not know if I can go on much longer. Have not found work in three months. Running out of money. Have not gone asking for financial help from any Government agencies. Never been on welfare, employment insurance or other assistance programs.

I can, able, and will work but can not find anything other then working for less then minimum wage by legal way of a contract.

Just killing time here.


1 Response to Who am I?

  1. epqanna says:

    I am but a regular, common, ordinary, every day man.
    Having only really understood how the world operates on an evolutionary scale just over ten years ago now, I set out then to change it. Change it for the better.
    The path, route, or plan I conceived is very “diabolic” or “twisted” or even “evil” some would say or call it.
    To teach, seduce, direct, mold, doctrinate many, as many as 1,000 young girls, of ages nine to thirteen, to become future world leaders is my developed goal/way/method.
    In order to do so I had to seperate myself from all those who mattered to me as while exposing Mankind’s evolved evils and evil ways I put myself in harms way.
    I am here to bring back to health all life. At least the attemp is there to diviate our evolved destructive ways.
    King and Captain of Planet Earth is what I see myself one day as being/becoming! While still living, preffered.
    My only Queen Gaia!


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