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I use another site.

PornHub is Canadian. I use xnxx. Twelve to fifteen years ago the site was different. It just streamed one video after another. Then I saw a “Date Rape”. I alerted the police via e-mail and within hours that site … Continue reading

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Walking down the road to purchase a few pieces of bread I got ambushed and bombarded with rocks. Pow. One hit me right on the crest of my right foot. Right where shoe laces used to be found. Now I … Continue reading

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Stock Markets, non-essential service!

Which market or country will be the first to close their dirty capitalistic doors? Start the tumble. One small or big falls and the rest will follow. Rule of Dominoes lined up. NOT THIS TIME! We do not want to … Continue reading

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Problem with North America.

The most popular mass media is totally under the control of the wealthy. Many of the poor only watch television, read newspapers, or/and listen to the radio. All these three are owned and controlled by those in power and the … Continue reading

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Issues/concerns, 2008 Canada Elections.

In 2008 I ran as an Independent Candidate in its 40th election. Here are the issues I raised at the time. As it was posted on an American site here on WordPress, it was blocked or deleted before my fellow … Continue reading

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“Independent” Canadian Green Party Leader?

It took them 2 weeks to respond and another week for me to get the e-mail. I sent the Green Party of Canada a notice indicating my interest in their leadership after E-May stepped down. I was turned away. They … Continue reading

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Dear Elizabeth May, Greta Thungerg,

Earth Hour, TakingIGlobal, Earth Day Canada, Earth Day Network, Ecojustice Elizabeth, I am very disappointed in you. You know that I am very much Greener then your party Yet, you have yet to retweet any of my blogs or reply … Continue reading

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No Canada TV Please!

There is a big poster on a bus shelter on my way to work I pass by every day. It is a big dark picture of “Judge Judy”. Been there for about  a month now! It is promoted by “YesTVCanada/ … Continue reading

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Stop the Ritz NuitBlanche Take a Pic.

I’ll take myself out on a date tonight. I’ll go see some of the light exhibits. My first visit to this yearly spectacle. I’ll bring my camera along! You will most likely have your as well. Take a pic. of … Continue reading

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Candidate Councillor Ward 28

I registered my candidacy on September 4th 2014. This is another attempt to step into the political arena. It has been over ten years since my first foray into this avenue. I should be taken seriously and heard. The City … Continue reading

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