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Opportunity 2020

With half of the year gone already in a few hours let us sit back, relax and see what has and what has not happened. The virus has changed everything. All of the worlds economies are in shambles, tittering on … Continue reading

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Stock Markets, non-essential service!

Which market or country will be the first to close their dirty capitalistic doors? Start the tumble. One small or big falls and the rest will follow. Rule of Dominoes lined up. NOT THIS TIME! We do not want to … Continue reading

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No Canadians.

Or at least very few view my/these WordPress blogs. I suppose they do not like what I say. It is sad in a way as I am trying to mobilize them into the 23rd Century. Planning 100 years now would … Continue reading

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Over six billion “Think Tanks”.

I once, about twenty years ago called my movement “epqanna” (still of one) a virus. It was meant to disrupt or at least slow down, Mankind’s wrongly evolved ways. Ways that are threatening all life here on this planet. What … Continue reading

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“Independent” Canadian Green Party Leader?

It took them 2 weeks to respond and another week for me to get the e-mail. I sent the Green Party of Canada a notice indicating my interest in their leadership after E-May stepped down. I was turned away. They … Continue reading

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Economic wars may end us before a single shot is fired.

They talk about the doomsday clock. How close we are to midnight. That is when the nukes will start flying. When the dust settles there will be next to nothing left of us and other life on this planet. The … Continue reading

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Helping Haiti

It is true that those who live there know more on how to help those affected by the hurricane two weeks ago. Money and long term planning are the answers. People and organizations will pour in billions of $ to … Continue reading

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Not alone!

Somehow I just found an article written a couple of weeks ago. Here it is. Same age, close to the same knee problems. I can not run much either. Probably more then him. Every time I carry anything else … Continue reading

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Lotto Max 22-Jan-2016

Two draws ago (Jan. 8th 2016) on my second line the numbers on my Lotto Max stub earned me one free ticket. It was, as usual a quick pick purchase (when the top prize is $20M or more) from my … Continue reading

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Green Party short term Vision has no path!

If any Federal Political Party is to make any real significant headway in the upcoming election then radical ideas would have to be presented to the voters. ¬†Addressing the short and long term health of all life on this planet … Continue reading

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