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Chinese New Year out of control.

There was an article on last week that I did not save. It indicated the number of trips and people involved in this holiday. It is called the largest migration of people on earth. What was once a walking … Continue reading

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Recycling in Canada (and elsewhere).

We here in Canada have been spoiled for too long. We have been sending containers of plastics to be be recycled to other less developed countries to be sorted and processed as best they can. That era has ended. We … Continue reading

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Green Party of Canada leadership.

On one of my tweets I mentioned that E-May (Elizabeth May), the leader of the Canadian Green Party should step down after the lackluster results in the October 2019 Federal Election. I did not know at the time but it … Continue reading

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Economic wars may end us before a single shot is fired.

They talk about the doomsday clock. How close we are to midnight. That is when the nukes will start flying. When the dust settles there will be next to nothing left of us and other life on this planet. The … Continue reading

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