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DevelopHer TeacHer NurseHer (Gaia) PolyGuru TerraFormer Master of Time

DefinitionCircle: A dictionary of sort created by a self-proclaimed “King” of and on the planet Earth in the early part of the 21st Century. A book that at times gives/gave new meaning to old and existing words and creating a few … Continue reading

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Other posts/site. (Dec. 3rd, 2011)

There is still somewhere out there on the Internet more of my blogs. They are the former “Project 10 Billion” so-called web site WordPress blogs. Not too many of them but I still get replies/comments from them. Mostly from scammers or from … Continue reading

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Kilts (2011)

Again, another article about the lengths of “Kilts” worn by high school students here in Toronto. Of course it is the same old debate that keeps popping up ever since the mini-skirt has appeared on our fashion scene. The particular … Continue reading

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