Recreational Vehicles; sales up!

An article last week from Canada said the same thing as this one from the U.S.

Many sizes are sold out. Many new drivers on the roads.

One must book way in advance at campgrounds to get a spot. Many people will be disappointed.

Watch the accidents rise dramatically for RVs all across North America.

Insurance rates will skyrocket and next year many will transfer hands again.

Those vehicles that are doing the towing. Do they have to get a yearly check, by law?

Farms should set up spots for two RVs. Have people over for a few days. Show them the work that has to be done. Help out even. Collecting eggs, cutting the hay, working the hoe, cleaning the pig sties…

A work vacation experience.

Pay the farmer for the hydro, water, septic, share cooking food bill…

Do some wild hog hunting in some parts of the country!

KingGDerome GreenKing

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Greenhouses locust ready?

We think that those destructive bugs will not venture all across the globe. They may, might.

When they do will your Greenhouse be ready for them. Will you be able to protect your crops.

There is the air intake. Would it be able to take on the onslaught of thousands of locusts. Do your windows have screens? Your exhaust, does it have a working back draft apparatus.

Victory loves preparedness.

Just a thought. GreenKing

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Three Powers

Top three movers and shakers.

Could not put this picture up yesterday alongside the other.

Again do not take it seriously.

Green King

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Not an artist.

Political cartoons are great. At times they tell or portrait the truth better then words. Do not take these seriously. They are just for fun.

Putin has been on safaris, most pictures have Elmer holding a gun to hunt Bugs Bunny.

Trump is not as happy as Sponge Bob but kinda looks like him. Square head, shoulders.

Xi I know little about except for what the “free” media here tells us.

Trump could be Batman, Putin Superman and Xi the Green Hornet!

We can also use animals. Xi a panda, Putin a lion and Trump a Dodo bird. I was going to write elephant for Trump as he does have the most powerful army but elephants are intelligent!

Me well you can call me a rat. Rat out our wrongly evolved destructive ways of living.

KingGDerome the Green King

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Opportunity 2020

With half of the year gone already in a few hours let us sit back, relax and see what has and what has not happened. The virus has changed everything. All of the worlds economies are in shambles, tittering on bankruptcy.

As usual when there is turmoil in the economies the wealthy get richer and the masses poorer.

The world has two people on this planet that can change everything. The two spoiled leaders of countries with the biggest military.

That would be Trump and Putin.

They were a couple of months back the only two superpowers that did not want to end their military wars. All others wanted a ceasefire on a Global scale.

If these two idiots would see further ahead then their own wealth and power all could/would change for the better.

End the military wars then the religious and economic wars would also end.

World peace is within our grasp.

All these two think about is their economy. Not a flinch of respect for life on this planet. No Vision, just selfish talk, me, me, our, our….

The wealthy do not have a problem, they’ve weathered this type of event before and as usual they come out better off while the majority suffer.

The people who want to get back to work. Protesting the lock downs. They are not the low wage earners but those with half decent pay check. Good unionized jobs. They are the ones ignoring the virus.

It was so nice to see sea turtles hatching on beach that is normally overrun by humans. Nice to hear less noise. To hear the birds. No airplanes noise. The air we can see is so much cleaner and feels fresher to the lungs.

Every country have their rich and their poor. The proportions of people and wealth differ from one place to another. It has always been that way.

It no longer has to be!!!!!!!!!

We can change the way we live on this planet.

Destructive lifestyles must be identified and phased out. We know who the culprits are.

The Climate is changing quite rapidly. It will soon not be able to sustain life as we know it. Many species will go extinct, maybe even us. In a way we more then any other life deserves to be wiped out.

What is my job as “King of living mortal kings”? My job is to worry about all life. That is my full time occupation.

I should be called the “Green King”.

Our laws and way of living evolved over hundreds of years. We do not have that time to change to a better lifestyle.

Six months to go in 2020.

The people who care want change, drastic change and quickly. Not something that can be done overnight.

Plan. We have to plan how we are to build differently then what we have been doing.

Some organizations say vote. Change comes about by voting. They are wrong as we can can only vote for parties that accept the way things are.

We do not vote for change, we vote to bring in one of the evils offered to us.

Toronto (Canada) has plans to double its inhabitants within the next 15-20 years. What a mistake.

Build on non-agricultural land only!


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Money over health.

This attitude has to end.

The Ontario Government (Canada) has hired people to review claims by individuals that their workplace, or getting there, is a health risk because of the corona virus.

So far only 1 of 280 applications to refuse work has been approved. Meaning that one employee does not have to go back to work (for the moment).

It is a known fact all levels of government are facing severe financial problems.

By letting people avoid potentially dangerous work would make them eligible to continue receiving money from government coffers.

At times it is more money then the person would make going back to work!

I am quite certain that the directives of the inspectors (reviewers) is put everyone back to work. The ECONOMY demands it!

Those earning minimum wage or close to it, in Canada, get more income by staying home then going back to work.

It did not indicate the pay levels of the 280. My guess that many earn very little.


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BLM => ALM GoPublic

ALM is more important then BLM!

All Life Matters rather then people.

In caring for all life on this planet we would meld into one big happy family.

My watering can’s only bud.

Get your ALM (All Life Matters) T-Shirts nowhere.


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Feral Pig Hunt, Saskatchewan.

In another Green employment initiative scam, the federal and provincial governments collaborated on an annual pig hunt temporary part-time employment program.

We are looking for hunters to hunt down, reduce the numbers of the evasive out of control feral hog. They are in southern Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

We will set up semi-trailers with cots or bunk beds. We will recruit from every Province and Territory in Canada to at least send in one crew.

We can have specialized crews such as, bare backs, skin heads, gang members, female crews and so on. Scarborough and Brampton shooters will have to learn how to shoot a rifle instead of a hand gun.

Our duty is to hunt the hogs not be hogs ourselves.

It is a short employ. You will be flown in to the Province of Saskatchewan. You will be required to learn all the safety procedures. Walk through cold mud. Shoot only at the wild pigs. No more then two shots per pig.

You will make friends. People from all over the Country, looking for meaningful employ.

A truck for laundry, cooking, eating, Internet, T.V., theater, washrooms, administration.

Like an army, we will sweep across the areas where they were last spotted. Three or four crews, possibly hound dogs as well.

So we have one; Building or adapting old shipping vessels to pick up the oceans plastics.

Green Job # 2; Cities like Toronto do not need buy street sweeping machines, they have a lot of elbow grease willing and available.

#3 Feral Hog Hunt. All three $20 hr. Hunt shift 6 -8 hours. Night shift available.

No, the Americans will not go northbound and meet us at the border. They have more and bigger guns then we do.

Other Green hunts; Beavers in South America. Racoons in Japan. Toads in Australia.


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Lost about an acre of bush land yesterday. It was a windy day and some fool lit an uncontrollable fire downhill.

It overtook about 5 to 6 acres in all. One on my land plus a line of wooden fencing that may not survive. Still I did not want to see that area burned. So many trees.

Tried to download image. File too big.

KingGDerome no one hurt.

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I use another site.

PornHub is Canadian.

I use xnxx.

Twelve to fifteen years ago the site was different. It just streamed one video after another. Then I saw a “Date Rape”. I alerted the police via e-mail and within hours that site was taken down and reworked to its present format.

Every once in a while we see clips of obviously very young girls. Not too many and the ones I did see are no longer there.

To see a 10 to 12 year-old girl humping away on top of a larger boy of the same age. On the kitchen floor to boot. It was a poor country.

Another that is gone is a 12 -13 year-old in a spy cam change room. She stripped down and she had one of the most beautiful set of lower lips one had ever seen. Small in length and lovingly voluptuous.

Spy Cameras where the person does or did not know she was being filmed is invasion of privacy.

All the women who have Internet, go to xnxx. Call up spy masturbation or change room and see if you are on there or know a person being shown in public without their consent.

Most 99% “forced” scenes are actors.

Young teen often means now legal age old child pron stars. Eighteen going on twenty eight.


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