Simple logic.

I’ve been a superintendent at a few buildings in Toronto. Every unit comes with a refrigerator. A very large one consuming 145 watts of power and more per hour.

Even bachelor apartments had huge monsters.

A single person or even a couple does not need these beasts.

I bought one in Haiti that consume only 85 watts per hour.

Designed in France, made in China.

Made in China, most likely found its way to a U.S. port before settling in Haiti.

Why all this travel while it can be made in North America.

We complain the China is undercutting costs.

Time for every continent to start manufacturing products at home. There would be a very large decrease in International shipping which is very, very polluting. It pollutes our air and oceans.

We have only ourselves to blame.

Another issue is quality. Old refrigerators lasted 20 to 30 years. New ones 5 if one is lucky. Repairing them often costs as much as buying a new one. That goes for many of our “disposable” every day products. Telephones, televisions, shoes, mixers…

We ship oil and coal to Asian Countries via oil tankers. They produce products to again be shipped around the world.

All the while we should keep what we need manufactured where they are used.

Many people became rich because they became the middle man to Asia. We lost many jobs and worse of all our self respect.

China, the biggest giant, must be laughing at us all the way to the bank!

Shifting jobs to Mexico from Canada and the U.S. is no better. Weaker work regulations, lower pay, less environmental protection.

Yes Mexico is part of North America but standards must be universal.

Wake up, let us stop shooting ourselves in the foot.

KingGDerome GreenKing

Ants feasting.

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18 year-old amongst 6 dead yesterday in Port-Au-Prince.

I fell in love with so many people here in Haiti. The children are so PURE for the better use of a word.

One of my neighbours cousin was the 18 year-old. Shot to the head. Instant death.

I tried finding the news item but could not. Probably latter today.

Spoke to her an hour ago. Asked her why so sad looking?

“My cousin died yesterday”. How old? 18 she said. One year older then her.

It hurts to see poverty.

All those angry lawless people with semi-automatics in videos.

Thank you U.S.A. for manufacturing and spreading your military hardware around the world.

Damn you for your fuckin economy and Hypocrisy state.


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Trump legacy.

The U.S. names libraries after former presidents.

Trump will come out slightly different. We will need a “Trump Prison”.

The Trump’its (Trump idiots) will need a place to stay for a while.

The unruly events yesterday, the attack on congress is very serious.

Those involved. Meaning all those who entered the building face a slew of possible very serious charges.


-Destruction of Government property.

-Assaulting of law enforcement personnel.

-Murder while committing a crime. As I am not a lawyer, it can be second degree murder for all involved, and murder for the one who pulled the trigger.

-Carrying a weapon on Government property.

There may be more.

This is where facial recognition would come in handy.

Yesterday the report stated that only 6 individuals were arrested. With hundreds involved in the incident one would think that there would be more arrests.

Why was there not more Paddy Wagons or even prison buses rushed to the scene. Seems like we have a double edged sword. When black or other people other then white protest the national guards are always nearby and itching to pick everyone up and jailed.

I predicted this type of event a few months ago. Not just in the U.S. but in many other Countries as well.

It is not over simply because;


The worlds leaders need to do something quick.


Every continent should concentrate on products of need not wants and desires just for the sake of employing people.

It is the unneeded wants and desires that will bring along the end of life .


Do I look like 65 yet!
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Death count, protests, indicators of health.

The number of deaths caused by covid-19 and protests against the recommended lock downs is a sure indicator of the health of a Country.

It is quite obvious that the wealthiest Country on the planet, the United States of America, has evolved into one of the most unhealthiest on the planet.

The uneven distribution of wealth, pollution, lack of solid leadership, money more important then anything else, lack of safety nets, and an unprepared health care system has driven the death tolls skyrocketing.

We have electoral, lock downs and fine protests as well.

We have 52 different decision makers who all have their own agenda and a federal government who has acted irresponsibly since the virus began.

We/they have been for the most part, spoiled all of our lives. Put up a few restrictions in order to stop the spread and people start crying, and screaming that their rights are being infringed upon.

I’ve mentioned/written before that our systems of operation does not work for the majority of the people on this planet.

No one ever voted to have this type of distribution of wealth. 10% own/control 90% of the worlds created wealth.

Xmas Card

To Royal Home Hardware, Toronto Ontario

Have a Happy Healthy Holiday

From a Healthy Happy (Always Horny) Haitian-Canadian

We are in trouble. Everyone is talking, nobody is listening.

GreenKing sad

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Holiday Card

Let us see how long before the intended recipient gets the card.

Also to the shoppers/clients of Cabbagetown, Regent Park, St.JamesTown, and Oak St. End.

Have a great holliday.

GreenKing, you are always in my heart.

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Defining 2020

First take.

After an hour or so I added other things.

This is something close to what someone posted on Twitter or Facebook earlier. I thank him for the inspiration.


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Imagine if everyone bought into this!

That would be a good start.

And we (North Americans) thought we were so far ahead in recycling and taking care of the planet.

Another dragonfly rescued from my open water reservoir. Unfortunately after 2 hours of home warmth and wing cleaning he seemed ready. I put him on top of a trash bucket outside. Sheltered from the wind. A couple of hours latter I found him being feasted by hundreds of ants.

Yes, they do mention the Americans doing it too. I assumed that if the States are doing it we must be doing it too. But not in Canada.

No such networks of trying to go clean. Oh, the Greens pretend, but they never send out even a remote plan. They say stop stop stop and offer no concrete plans whatsoever.

Sorry, I am Greener then green.


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Greens worldwide!

Look what I found.

  1. Did any of you ever vote for this to happen?

Their (the rich) carbon footprints would most likely have a way steeper climb.

Distribution of wealth has to be leveled across the globe.

2. In the future, far future, one of three options for the Greens. a) Only the wealthy own a personal vehicle, b) everyone owns an automobile, c) no one owns one.

We have to start planning, car-less cities!

No more garages, driveways, smaller roads, highways, less maintenance, more land for agriculture.

3. Home sizes. How can we allow residential homes to be built with 4,000, 8,000, 20,000 and up, square foot in sizes, for a family of five or less.

They are so environmentally destructive and worst of all, not needed.

Stop issuing such building permits world wide. Decline them, make it law. Vote on it.

4. Greens will stop all military & economic wars.

It is easy to see why the Federal Green Party of Canada did so bad in the last elections. Did not connect with the people.

Bring these four, oops five, issues up and everyone earning less then $25K, or even $35,000 CAD per year in Canada should vote for you.

5) Continents must plan to be as self sufficient in all areas. Inter-continental shipping must decrease except for water, food and medical. e.i. Essentials to life.

I felt bad cutting this little spud up. He looks rather, is it, sad or pensive?

Drastic changes need to happen quick and soon.

Our differently evolved ways around the world makes us slightly different, still, no need or reason for any war, economic religious or military.

The planet belongs to all life.


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Sum us.

We are ignorant animals

Smart humans



Desperately lost.


Dragonflies rescued from drowning. I check the open reservoir every morning.

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