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See the Bang!

No, I will not make the pressure cooker explode.

The bang I am talking about is seen over a period of time. A lifetime or less. The time is now.

Our weather is creating havoc around the world.

The hot air masses in Europe, China, and the United States are building up pressure. Something has to give sooner or latter.

If these masses move northward they will trigger an ice melt like we have never seen or even dreamed about. All the dead ice from Greenland and the ice sheet itself will melt even faster then they are today.

The oceans will rise. When the new heights reach Antarctica it too will melt faster as well.

The whole planets weather systems are connected. The hot air masses are not moving and we have yet to have a tropical storm in the Caribbean or Atlantic ocean.

If the pressure from China moves in an easterly direction, western North America will experience floods like we have never seen.

Our planets atmosphere is like a balloon. When inflated if we push our finger in one spot, a reaction happens on the opposite side.

The pressures on the earths mantle in these hot zones must be tremendous. Moving these pressures elsewhere may trigger many of our inactive, dormant, or even create new volcanoes.

Tropical storms, tornadoes, floods, torrential rain, snow and ice may appear where they have never been seen before. Most crops will be destroyed. All coastal cites will be under water. Mass panic to reach higher ground will kill millions.

Russia and other warring countries will have to stop their childish fighting because Mankind may descend into a survival mode.

These yet to be seen storms will knock out all telecommunication modes. Total Anarchy will reign.

The worst Countries to be living will be those where weapons are a way of life. Readily available at a shop near you. The police and the military will be in as much disarray as ordinary civilians. It will not matter any more how wealthy one is, as survival will be the only thing on every ones mind.

Imagine no more flour to produce bread, no oil for cooking, no gas and electricity of course because the frost, floods,or and, earthquakes will have destroyed all the infrastructures our advanced civilized society depend on.

Hundreds of millions of people commute every day to work. Then in the evening and weekends they go visit, play, shop. Ever and always heating up our atmosphere.

It is acceptable to waste and abuse resources because that is the way we evolved.

Freedom to waste and abuse resources as we please (because we can afford it) has not always been our right but also encouraged for the sake of the root of all evil itself, the almighty buck. ECONOMY.

The pressure in mounting.

We can sit back and keep on burning or wake up and see the stew that we have become, DEADLY.

Mass extinction will happen all at once and we may be one of the ones saying goodbye to paradise, sorry I have destroyed you.

Gaia my wife, I am sorry for what we are doing. Ashamed at our so-called leaders.

The selfish, blind, ignorant, children do not know what they are doing.

Dream or nightmare August 29, 2022

No, God or Gods, can help us.

It is up to us to save Mother and her children, if it is not already too late.


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Which straw will eventually break the camels back?

Forgot to put a person on top or loading all the shit.

I tried to draw the world map on its body.

Her name is Gaia, b.t.w.

It is us/we that are the straws.

Polluting people are plastic, those who do their best to not pollute are wooden straws.

The plastic straws are harmful. The wooden ones actually float so there is no weight on her back.

We the People have become too plastic. Time to change.

Plan 100 years, we leap 4,000!

KingGDerome GreenKing

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The Economic Principle.

Our evolved economic principle has become, “Health and Life Expendable”.

KingGDerome Greenking

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June 25, 2021 Peace is Dead

“Imagine, Inform, Inspire, Involve”

Three of those four words above are/were used on TIG (TakingITGlobal) a few years back as their “tag line”.

I believed!

I tried many times to inspire the world to see differently.

A by-yearly simple walk.

Labour Day, EarthDay, EarthWeek, EarthHour, and then tomorrow.

Peace Day. Low Consumption Day. Save Day. F***k Off Day. New Dawn.

On a Global scale.

Tweets and blogs with not a sound in return.

No waves.

Dead ideas events threads meant to help not only humanity but all life itself.

The planet.

Tombstone. Quick draw.

It will not be my last attempt to right our wrongs. Our evolved wrongs.

No one is directly at fault but we re all responsible!

We sucked up what out forefathers cooked up.

Very few Countries happy with our now destructive results.

One day left.

I predict that tomorrow people will still die from all of our wars caused by ourselves.

And 2) This attempt was futile.

Till next time/event/idea…

Death to Peace Tomorrow, next week, month, year, decade, till death do us in.

KingGDerome GreenKing

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No one ever voted.

Never in our recorded history has any one citizen ever voted for the uneven distribution of wealth or which type of Governing system to use.

All evolved peoples and cultures have their reasons for being what they have become today.

Communism, Capitalism, Socialism, Democracy (Hypocrisy), Authoritarian, Royalty, all have their, good bad and ugly, sides.

With world wide communications now available to most people on the planet I think that it may be time to reconsider our future as one.

Personally Capitalism for me is the worst offender of them all.

It equates in producing financial classes which is a war in itself.

This war of mine/ours, his/hers/theirs will eventually cause our extinction, that is if, Climate Change does not do us (and other life) in first.

Man with all of his wars has become Gaia’s virus.

Her skin, fluids, and aura, is all being poisoned by our activities.

What is worse now we are leaving her and starting to dirty space itself.

We, the worlds people, need to urgently vote on these issues.

Do we keep personal vehicles.

Even distribution of wealth. (time, space, resources per individual on a global scale)

Stopping of all Wars, governing systems, military, religious, economic.

Cleaning our environment, the visible and not. I mean everyone everywhere!

Production and Intercontinental shipping of goods of wants and desires.

If we are to survive we must become one in harmony with all of nature.

First we must know that we, all of us, and not God or any numbers of Gods will save us.

Only we, ourselves can save ourselves.

We need to detract from our suicidal path. Yesterday if possible.

Sad, disappointed, hurt, KingGDerome GreenKing

Enjoying a Gilles St. (Ottawa) apple. Sept. 2019

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News-less month.

It has been a month since I’ve heard or read any news from anywhere around the world.

No Internet, I do not listen to the news on the radio, No television. Locals do not say, or know, anything about outside of their own little communities/families/churches/governments.

The previous time I did this, I found little “good” news. So pretty much no news worthy of cheering about.

Capitalism still reigns the horses of war and their pseudo-leaders.

Catchup time!

KingGDerome GreenKing

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June 25th 2021 Global Strike

against our wrongly evolved destructive ways and those who yield the powers of control over the masses, Religions & Governments.

Plan now to be HOME on that day.

Consume as little energy as possible.

Meet your neighbours.

Make peace with all life around us.

Stop all WARS on this one day. We owe it to Gaia.

Who knows it may last into eternity.

KingGDerome GreenKing

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Addicted to my vocation.

My Vocation: “To leave this planet a better place then when I had arrived.”

Tall order that started just over 20 years ago. Before that I was just playing the middle class game.

A lot has happened in the over 65 years that I’ve been on this planet. The two world wars were long gone to the new generation. Commerce and employment was booming. People were spending and consuming at a fast accelerating pace.

No end in sight, we continue to consume for the sake of circulating the root of all evil itself, the almighty fuck oops I mean buck.

Like it was said in the movie “Fight Club”, it is all over all this bullshit of Masters and Slaves. Not like in the movie “Matrix”, “people are not ready to be unplugged” I say “Now, the People are Ready to get UnPlugged!”

Climate Change is real and those in power and the wealthy who control them keep telling us that ‘economy” is more important.

Children at the helm of the worlds superpowers. I am stronger, no I am, I am smarter, no, I am yack yack yack… Ducks and Quacks ignoring the masses need for real leadership.

The three stooges, Xi, Putin, *Biden; It was the three stooges when Trump was in power but now Biden is still very much on trail.

He has a good heart, but I do not know if he can convince the Climate Deniers of the seriousness of our needless wars. All of them Economic, Military, and Religious. The effects it is having on all life on this planet not just our little U.S. of AH.!

Three big stupid-powers along with religious fanatics of the 20th century are Climate Changes best friends.

KingGDerome GreenKing

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June 25th 2021 Duty to Mother!

As many of us are trying our best to change things for the better, this is another one of my attempts. Like so many “events” before, this one, is trying to go Global.

We on this planet do not have a “DAY OF PEACE”. Of, sure we have Xmas and other holidays but none that have is 100% WAR FREE!

Duty for all soldiers and police on June 25th 2021 is to stay home in PEACE.

There is only 69 days until that day!

Send a letter, this is for everyone, to your employer stating that you have another “Commitment” or “Duty” on June 25th! If enough employees do this then the work would be closed.

We have a duty, every single one of us to stop our war against ourselves but mostly against Mother Nature.

We constantly consume as we have the freedom to use and abuse resources as we please. Evidence of our daily constant onslaught on her and children’s health is quite evident. She is hurting real bad!

Only 69 days until June 25th!

This is the third or fourth time I mention this date on here and Twitter. Not one retweet! No one seems to care to help start a movement that could save us from extinction.

In the Movie “Gladiator” at the end where the “Gladiator becomes more powerful then the “Emperor of Rome” is like many other hero movies.

I would like to be that hero. Just for one day.

A day when no other, Royalty, President, Prime Minister, Dictator or Authoritarian ruler are above others on this planet.

My messages and ideas are for the poor, cheated, and short changed people of the planet. Unfortunately these (my) words never gets to them as the between medium between me and them are the spoiled. Those who will have to reduce their destructive consumption lifestyle, those who will accept less $!

I will be off the Internet for one to four weeks as of tomorrow or latter today.

I blog, scream, pull my hair out in trying to get some recognition and actions that are needed, even critical, if we are to save ourselves from ourselves.

The children in power have to be brought down from their pedestals!

-Just a grain of sand trying to keep the beach from being washed away by the ocean waves.-

KingGDerome GreenKing

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