News-less month.

It has been a month since I’ve heard or read any news from anywhere around the world.

No Internet, I do not listen to the news on the radio, No television. Locals do not say, or know, anything about outside of their own little communities/families/churches/governments.

The previous time I did this, I found little “good” news. So pretty much no news worthy of cheering about.

Capitalism still reigns the horses of war and their pseudo-leaders.

Catchup time!

KingGDerome GreenKing

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June 25th 2021 Global Strike

against our wrongly evolved destructive ways and those who yield the powers of control over the masses, Religions & Governments.

Plan now to be HOME on that day.

Consume as little energy as possible.

Meet your neighbours.

Make peace with all life around us.

Stop all WARS on this one day. We owe it to Gaia.

Who knows it may last into eternity.

KingGDerome GreenKing

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Addicted to my vocation.

My Vocation: “To leave this planet a better place then when I had arrived.”

Tall order that started just over 20 years ago. Before that I was just playing the middle class game.

A lot has happened in the over 65 years that I’ve been on this planet. The two world wars were long gone to the new generation. Commerce and employment was booming. People were spending and consuming at a fast accelerating pace.

No end in sight, we continue to consume for the sake of circulating the root of all evil itself, the almighty fuck oops I mean buck.

Like it was said in the movie “Fight Club”, it is all over all this bullshit of Masters and Slaves. Not like in the movie “Matrix”, “people are not ready to be unplugged” I say “Now, the People are Ready to get UnPlugged!”

Climate Change is real and those in power and the wealthy who control them keep telling us that ‘economy” is more important.

Children at the helm of the worlds superpowers. I am stronger, no I am, I am smarter, no, I am yack yack yack… Ducks and Quacks ignoring the masses need for real leadership.

The three stooges, Xi, Putin, *Biden; It was the three stooges when Trump was in power but now Biden is still very much on trail.

He has a good heart, but I do not know if he can convince the Climate Deniers of the seriousness of our needless wars. All of them Economic, Military, and Religious. The effects it is having on all life on this planet not just our little U.S. of AH.!

Three big stupid-powers along with religious fanatics of the 20th century are Climate Changes best friends.

KingGDerome GreenKing

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June 25th 2021 Duty to Mother!

As many of us are trying our best to change things for the better, this is another one of my attempts. Like so many “events” before, this one, is trying to go Global.

We on this planet do not have a “DAY OF PEACE”. Of, sure we have Xmas and other holidays but none that have is 100% WAR FREE!

Duty for all soldiers and police on June 25th 2021 is to stay home in PEACE.

There is only 69 days until that day!

Send a letter, this is for everyone, to your employer stating that you have another “Commitment” or “Duty” on June 25th! If enough employees do this then the work would be closed.

We have a duty, every single one of us to stop our war against ourselves but mostly against Mother Nature.

We constantly consume as we have the freedom to use and abuse resources as we please. Evidence of our daily constant onslaught on her and children’s health is quite evident. She is hurting real bad!

Only 69 days until June 25th!

This is the third or fourth time I mention this date on here and Twitter. Not one retweet! No one seems to care to help start a movement that could save us from extinction.

In the Movie “Gladiator” at the end where the “Gladiator becomes more powerful then the “Emperor of Rome” is like many other hero movies.

I would like to be that hero. Just for one day.

A day when no other, Royalty, President, Prime Minister, Dictator or Authoritarian ruler are above others on this planet.

My messages and ideas are for the poor, cheated, and short changed people of the planet. Unfortunately these (my) words never gets to them as the between medium between me and them are the spoiled. Those who will have to reduce their destructive consumption lifestyle, those who will accept less $!

I will be off the Internet for one to four weeks as of tomorrow or latter today.

I blog, scream, pull my hair out in trying to get some recognition and actions that are needed, even critical, if we are to save ourselves from ourselves.

The children in power have to be brought down from their pedestals!

-Just a grain of sand trying to keep the beach from being washed away by the ocean waves.-

KingGDerome GreenKing

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June 25th 2021 “F*#”K OFF!

Changed my “Ps” again.

It is now “Planet Peace”.

On June 25th everyone should stop using power as much as possible.

Flick Off all of the switches.

Do not start/use any trains, boats, planes, computers, televisions, telephones, automobiles, buses, tankers, trucks, yachts, blenders, stoves (if possible), ovens, dryers, washers, motor cycles, bulldozers, cranes…

Except essential services!

On this day we stop our war against Mother Nature.

KingGDerome GreenKing

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Be a P.M. or a M.P. on June 25th, 2021

Every single person in Canada who can read or understand when explained to them that on June 25th they can become a Peace Minister or a Minister of Peace.

To become a Minister one has to plan to be home on that day. So, if you live afar, start planning now for the weeks before and after June 25th.

On that particular day;

No cell phones, emergency only. No Internet/computer use.

No driving. Be Home. No War. Walk greet/meet/mend neighbours.

No Fighting. No Crime. Close all stores, gas stations.

Cook meals day before if possible. Keep refrigerator closed.

Eat room temperature. Share the quick cool bath/shower.

…. …..

P.M. sounds like Prime Minister and M.P. like Members of Parliament.

In the U.S. it would be different. House of Representatives and House of Congress. H.R. and H.C. They can pretend to be Canadians too! On this day only. Stay/go home.

In other parts of the world they too, everyone else on this planet can be a P.M or M.P. at their home!

That would be so nice.

KingGDerome GreenKing

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9. Free Trade (Contracting out).

  • -“Free Trade helped a few get rich, others richer on both sides of the fences, while having less liability and responsibility at the cost of the environments and peoples health.”-

This is what I wrote in 2008 but not what I meant!

What I meant to say is that the shifting of our industries to other countries where wages and environmental and safety standards are lower have made a few people on both sides richer , while at the same time, having us, lose good paying jobs.

We shot ourselves in the foot!

KingGDerome GreenKing

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8. Governing

  • -“Governments are supposed to govern! Their evolved responsibility seems more to be one to supply power more for the wants and desires coming from businesses successful destructive seductions, and, two, too fix and/or repair the damages, to people and environments, caused by such lifestyles.”-

The wealthy, industries, and businesses, are more protected and coveted by Governments then the people and environments.

This holds true for most of the world.

Governments have become nothing more then an extension (right arm) of the wealthy, businesses, and industry.

The almighty buck is more important then health. Health of the people, lands, waters and air, or we should say life itself.

One of Governments role like religion is to civilize people. How can people act justly if those in power do not abide in a civil, just, and, caring manner!

Evolved Governments do not represent or protect people. They should!

Democracies are a joke. They are closer to being called Hypocrisies because that is what they have become!

The more one spends on an election campaign the more likely one would be voted in! Big businesses and the wealthy do not support those who oppose our wrongly twisted warring (military and economic) evolved ways.

The biggest obstacles in the needed changes for a just, fair, and clean future for all life, are our evolved written Government words of, decrees, procedures, and laws.

Laws made by the rich in order for them to remain as such.

Wealth means/equals power in all Countries. They, the rich, say, “Do it our way or we will move our stash, booty, and business, elsewhere”. Works every time.

Governments are bought and manipulated by the flash of the $!

KingGDerome GreenKing

Representing, out to protect, the Global, enslaved, poor, short-changed, weak, and cheated!

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7. Extinction

  • – “Man caused extinction. We here in Canada are just as responsible as, the hunters who pull the trigger, or the people who cut down forests in order to survive, elsewhere on this planet.”-

We are on the road to causing the 7th great extinction event. We everyday seem to be adding to the list of living things disappearing forever, including ourselves.

Sea and land animals are affected by our man made products. Their digestive systems are being clogged with plastics and chemicals of all kinds are ripping through their bodies.

Yet even as recently as last week announcements of new “plastic producing facilities” are planned to be built.

Micro-plastics are now found in our oceans, lands and even air. We ourselves are inhaling it as well as eating them as it trickles through the food chain.

Serious issues not taken seriously by those in power.

KingGDerome GreenKing

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6. Climate Change

#6 of 9

  • – “Climate Change; This includes both cooling and/or warming. We can not ignore the fact that our (Mankind’s) activities are responsible for what is happening to the planet’s poles and ice caps. It is our pollution, all of them, those known and talked about and those ignored or kept hushed. Heat is another pollution, just as vibration or air displacement made by our many modes of transportation.”-

Found on my 2008 flyer, word for word.

KingGDerome GreenKing

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