Just a few minutes ago I broke one of my vegetarian brother and sister in laws “Steak” knife.

Hope they will forgive me.

What do you think. Should they forgive me? Canadian Meme?

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Pòtoprens => Pòtduwa

Quand j’arrive (Roi (Wa) Mondial de la Paix) le 13 Avril je vait utilisé lo Port aériene.

Si la paix se réalise a cause de moi ça serait une bonne raison de changer le nom de la ville.

Célébront la paix le 13 Avril quand même.

KingGDerome RoiGDerome WaGDerome

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Biden Trudeau King of Peace hour.

In a few days Mr. Biden will be in town.

I would like an hour of their time. Biden and Trudeau.

CBC NEWS CTV NEWS CITYTV NEWS ABC NEWS FOX NEWS CBS NEWS GUARDIAN WION. Please echo. Give me an hour meeting with them.

World Peace is possible, they/we can do it soon very soon.

KingGDerome King of World Peace

Meeting in Crapnada. Only 3 animals I could find.

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World poison.

The American Dream.

Advertising pushing products of wants, desires, addictions, and lusts.

Trying to make a buck.

Legal, then grey then to black. Or any of the three in any order or by themselves markets.

So many people hurting others. Knowingly to boot. Ignorantly. Jail time deserved or continued lavish destructive lifestyle.

Come down to earth deniers, wealthy, those in po4wer.

Equality or we perish.

Park our vehicles as much as possible.

KingGDerome. Global King of Peace 2023

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Le Rabbits de chew on bush.

Rabbits in here city of Crapottowa. My bro tried to wrap the bush but snow was too deep.

All chewed up. Some branches will survive. Others will perish. Become other life form food.

Dogs are a problem. Too many of them now. Their crap is not picked up. Ever since those new buildings shot up. Across from Canadian Tire @ Bank & Heron.

Stupid fad or security those are too many of them. They are destroying the areas wildlife and fauna.

Trying for years to plant native trees and weeding uninvited guests all for it to be destroyed by these dogs tearing up my protective cages.

Ignorant insensitive selfish blind dog owners.

Have your dogs pee poo and destroy on your property only. Swim and walk on/in your own shit.

From your: Local Neighbourhood Shit Watch

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Le Bâton de Hockey.

A première vu, ce qui m’as frapper le premier c’est les couleurs bleue et le blanc. Le blanc était la reflection de la neige fraiche, pas encore salit par les tuyaux des hommes.

J’ai éter élevé a Toronto. La couleurs des “Leafs” était tjrs bleue et blanc. Apres j’ai vu les lettres “ea” et puis des plumes d’oiseau couper droit en flêche. C’est donc les “Eagles” de Philadelphia qui jouent dans le “STUPID BOWL” demain.

Philadelphia avait une belle dynasty. Du bon Hockey.

Avec une inspection durant la claireté on voit autres couleurs plus preédominantes. Les deux gris extremes. Lignes rouges.

Les noirs apparaisents. L.A. Kings Oakland Raiders. Tampa Bay Whindapeg Jets.

No good sides no bad sides. All here to play and have fun, not fight.

King of Peace.

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Up North.

Not too cold. Hovering around zero degree Celsius or 32 Fahrenheit. Warm in the sunshine.

Quiet. No talk of politics at all. No one seems to take me seriously.

No pictures yet. 4-5 days. No clicks except for that small video.

King of Peace. Ottawa

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Back on WordPress

You will find on here years of my blogs.

Will start using this site more often. Trying to find how to start another paragraph.

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See the Bang!

No, I will not make the pressure cooker explode.

The bang I am talking about is seen over a period of time. A lifetime or less. The time is now.

Our weather is creating havoc around the world.

The hot air masses in Europe, China, and the United States are building up pressure. Something has to give sooner or latter.

If these masses move northward they will trigger an ice melt like we have never seen or even dreamed about. All the dead ice from Greenland and the ice sheet itself will melt even faster then they are today.

The oceans will rise. When the new heights reach Antarctica it too will melt faster as well.

The whole planets weather systems are connected. The hot air masses are not moving and we have yet to have a tropical storm in the Caribbean or Atlantic ocean.

If the pressure from China moves in an easterly direction, western North America will experience floods like we have never seen.

Our planets atmosphere is like a balloon. When inflated if we push our finger in one spot, a reaction happens on the opposite side.

The pressures on the earths mantle in these hot zones must be tremendous. Moving these pressures elsewhere may trigger many of our inactive, dormant, or even create new volcanoes.

Tropical storms, tornadoes, floods, torrential rain, snow and ice may appear where they have never been seen before. Most crops will be destroyed. All coastal cites will be under water. Mass panic to reach higher ground will kill millions.

Russia and other warring countries will have to stop their childish fighting because Mankind may descend into a survival mode.

These yet to be seen storms will knock out all telecommunication modes. Total Anarchy will reign.

The worst Countries to be living will be those where weapons are a way of life. Readily available at a shop near you. The police and the military will be in as much disarray as ordinary civilians. It will not matter any more how wealthy one is, as survival will be the only thing on every ones mind.

Imagine no more flour to produce bread, no oil for cooking, no gas and electricity of course because the frost, floods,or and, earthquakes will have destroyed all the infrastructures our advanced civilized society depend on.

Hundreds of millions of people commute every day to work. Then in the evening and weekends they go visit, play, shop. Ever and always heating up our atmosphere.

It is acceptable to waste and abuse resources because that is the way we evolved.

Freedom to waste and abuse resources as we please (because we can afford it) has not always been our right but also encouraged for the sake of the root of all evil itself, the almighty buck. ECONOMY.

The pressure in mounting.

We can sit back and keep on burning or wake up and see the stew that we have become, DEADLY.

Mass extinction will happen all at once and we may be one of the ones saying goodbye to paradise, sorry I have destroyed you.

Gaia my wife, I am sorry for what we are doing. Ashamed at our so-called leaders.

The selfish, blind, ignorant, children do not know what they are doing.

Dream or nightmare August 29, 2022

No, God or Gods, can help us.

It is up to us to save Mother and her children, if it is not already too late.


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Which straw will eventually break the camels back?

Forgot to put a person on top or loading all the shit.

I tried to draw the world map on its body.

Her name is Gaia, b.t.w.

It is us/we that are the straws.

Polluting people are plastic, those who do their best to not pollute are wooden straws.

The plastic straws are harmful. The wooden ones actually float so there is no weight on her back.

We the People have become too plastic. Time to change.

Plan 100 years, we leap 4,000!

KingGDerome GreenKing

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