Dear people, Canadians and not. (Follows Can. Fed. Elec.)

This is addressed to everyone, as no one is excluded from volunteering on any electoral campaign. I am sure that all Candidates could use help to pass out flyers, stuff envelopes or answer telephnoe calls. Only a Canadian citizen or permanent resident can make monetary contributions or any other type of service to a campaign.

$ contribution example; if one can contribute twenty dollars to a Candidate or Party, then one should bump it up to eighty. Up to four hundred dollars, the difference between $20 and $80, ($60) or 75% of it, would be like an interest free loan to that Candidate, as the sixty $ can be and should be used as a tax credit. (This credit is applied on taxes paid in that election year.)

I have here below a list of the Candidates in the Toronto-Centre riding. If you read this flyer and live in another riding you can obtain your Candidates list on the Canada Elections web site. http//, then click ridings, then your postal code.

  1. ”””””””””                                                          5.””””””””””””””””””””
  2. ””””””””””””””””””                                             6. //////////////
  3. ……………………..                                               7. ###############
  4. @@@@@@@@@@@@@                        8. Gerald Derome  416 364-4344

You can call anyof these Candidates anytime between 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM to talk about or question on any issue, concern, or offer assistance.

-We all have to understand that no one alive today is directly to blame for the state (wars, pollutions, starvation, population distribution …) the planet is now in. All doctrines of Government, Religion and business, have evolved differently for their own reasons.

We cannot and should not be mad at the wealthy or powerful/influential as they were given the opportunities, methods and tools to obtain what they are enjoying whether they are, hoarding or consuming (including wasting and abusing spaces and resources).

-North America was built around the automobile. It has served us well and much of the planet has followed. Now, 100 years later it has become the worst polluter on the planet. We are addicted to it. If we are to try to extend life here on this planet, in my opinion we have to at least start planning to phase it out. Start planning neighbourhoods, towns, and, cities without the personal automobile. It is trivial to only look or concentrate on the exhaust portion as, paving (asphalt concrete), heat, noise, light, air displacement, vibration salt, rust, injury, and, disposal are also other conneted serious pollutants.

-In my opinion, words like profit, interest, economy, offshore accounts, ownership, investment, and, stock markets are the real axis of evil that plague Mankind.

-Our “Freedom”, should not include, freedom to waste and abuse space and resources because of wants and desires while others are suffering and dying for lack of basic needs.

If a Candiadate wins a majority on the advance poll, the rest of the Countries potential voters would wake up. A victory for me would be to see the issues listed here, on or as, a National Debate by the National Party Leaders!

“If we (Mankind) are as intelligent as we claim or pretend to be, then destiny would not be left to fate, but, would be ours to plan!”

I have faith that we can save ourselves from ourselves. I like thai but I am not a tie man, yet!

Time to concentrate on “Mother Earth’s” and all of her Children’s, needs and health first.

Please Canadians, do your home work, find the best Candidate and vote. Show the world you care!

        — Authorized by the Official Agent of Gerald Derome-

That was reverse side of previous page. (Canadian Federal Election   Toronto-Centre)

A little timbit at the back of that flyer;

Please read and try to understand it

-If you have an irresponsible letterbug neighbour who has left his/hers in the/a hallway or lobby, please, pick it up.

-Do not throw away, pass it on to someone at your work, study, play, or place of prayer. Give it to anyone anywhere in this Country, as the issues are not only or exclusive to this riding.

-If you feel as dearly and/or deeply as I do about any of the issues, send a copy out, east, west, or north to your other family members and friends, even enemies! Send out, share via, snail mail, e-mail, fax, or word of mouth.


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