Distribution of Wealth

I watched “The Agenda” (TV Ontario) yesterday for the first time in a long while. The topic was “Pensions, Politics, Poverty”. I had tried to put in my two cents worth but it was rejected.

Here is close to what I had tried to say/write on the topic;

Here is the link BTW, http://www.tvo.org/cfmx/tvoorg/theagenda/index.cfm?page_id=3&action=blog&subaction=viewpost&post_id=14732&blog_id=323

One of the guests mentioned that the CPP (Canada Pension Plan) is like another “Payroll Tax”, which is fine by me.  Why not call it that! Another guests mentioned that a senior that contacted her told her that “she does not bring in enough to cover her mortgage”. Is that what we should do, ensure that everyones bills are covered, even home ownership and debt!

All pensions are tied in to what one has earned during ones working years. Those who have made plenty get a lot in order to continue consuming, including wasting and abusing resources while others do not get enough to survive.

I finished or concluded writing something like this; “Pensions are the tail end of a broken or system that is rotten to the core.”. Capitalism itself is what I am talking about.

We have people who during their comfortable lifetime waste their wealth on things other than needs like tobacco, alcohol, travelling around the globe, big houses, new automobile every few years, concerts, fashion, and then turn around and expect to have their payments increased to make ends meet.

It is a shame to know and see that those wo have made the heaviest ecological footprint during their prime of their lives are allowed to continue doing so during their Golden Years, while those who struggled for basic needs now suffer even more.

Pensions and poverty have always been part of politics. Most times hushed by the main stream media and those in power (business & the wealthy).

To know that a Sports Commentator spend more on his Fruit Loop looking Jackets every three months than people working full-time brings home in a year is unfair.

People are forced by law to have Insurance and to use the Banks yet they are privately owned and pay/reward themselves and their employees as they please. Five, seven, or, nine million dollars, or more, per year while others are forced to work for less than minimum wage.  Seniors who do not own must rent where again it is profit driven. Owners and or investors can bring in millions per year while the seniors and the poor are forced to have no luxury at all.  A “vacation” to many is a luxury as many have to work at their second employ in order to make ends meet.

Pensions will never be right, fair or just, as long as the system it is born from, Capitalism exists.

I hate the system we live in! Like others I have no choice.

Wealth is created mostly from; human labour, Mankind’s ingenuity and the planet’s resources, yet it is not shared by all. It is funelled into 20 to 30 % of individuals at the expense of others and the planets health.


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