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Canadian Federal Election Toronto-Centre

Gerald Derome¬† Independent Candidate Hello everyone! My main goal and/or purpose for running in this election, is to bring up what I feel are important issues/concerns that never seem to make it to the forefront. Issues that are at the … Continue reading

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Wealth is/as a killer!

Wealth is defined as having available, space, time, and, resources. Of course we also have our mental, psychological,¬†and, physical health as well. These are directly correlated, connected and/or affected to/by the other one (wealth) or three (time, space, resources). Wealth … Continue reading

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Charlie Sheen March 2nd 2011 epqman

What an arrogant, self-centered prick this guy is! Demanding to be paid for work not yet done as well as thinking he deserves a pay increase! As if $1.8 Million per episode is not enough? Most people/families do not earn … Continue reading

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Dream Fantasy of a King to be!

My dreams and or fantasies often change. At times they last but a week while at other times many months. This past month is one that comes and goes often with minor or major changes. It is the seduction of … Continue reading

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