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Urgent plea from Haiti.

Anyone, any Country please ship to Haiti rubber bullets for the guns used by the police and gangs. Ship via the white, grey, and black market routes. Exchange 1.2 rubber bullets for every one brought in. This will give the … Continue reading

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Coming out!

I have to admit; I, like everyone adult, or nearing, have Mental Health Issues (MHI). Sometimes the rules and guidelines of, living or being civil, of certain cultures, religions or governments themselves are guilty of having closed minds and as … Continue reading

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Stop the Ritz NuitBlanche Take a Pic.

I’ll take myself out on a date tonight. I’ll go see some of the light exhibits. My first visit to this yearly spectacle. I’ll bring my camera along! You will most likely have your as well. Take a pic. of … Continue reading

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South Africa, pls. keep Harper!

As many leaders and spoiled wealthy people congregate in South Africa for Nelson Mandela’s funeral it is my wish that they would be held there and forced to live, a month or two,  just as the poorest have lived there all of … Continue reading

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CBC The Current; Womans Sexuality.

Listened to most of the broadcast this morning. Got tired of listening to the pop and oldies radio stations. It was a nice change to listen to news and comments from various people instead of repetitious songs musical notes tunes, … Continue reading

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