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Found an old post using Google

I’ve been an avid user of MSN and Yahoo (Rogers) so when I looked up epqanna on Google very little came up. Re-confirming a second time the word I found that some of my TakingITGlobal discussions survived my abrupt removal … Continue reading

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Wealth; Time, Space, Resources

This is a re-cap of some previous buried post on here or possibly no longer found on the Internet.  I like to mention, write and/or say that  “the uneven distribution of wealth is the main cause of most wars, revolutions, sickness/death, extinction, … Continue reading

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CBC The Current; Womans Sexuality.

Listened to most of the broadcast this morning. Got tired of listening to the pop and oldies radio stations. It was a nice change to listen to news and comments from various people instead of repetitious songs musical notes tunes, … Continue reading

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Basketball All-Star Grant ($500K) Investment or Gift?

For a Provincial Government that always seems to be cash strapped for people’s basic needs and services one wonders why such a Grant to one of the wealthiest sports empire on the continent would be given. Of course the … Continue reading

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