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Dear Elizabeth May, Greta Thungerg,

Earth Hour, TakingIGlobal, Earth Day Canada, Earth Day Network, Ecojustice Elizabeth, I am very disappointed in you. You know that I am very much Greener then your party Yet, you have yet to retweet any of my blogs or reply … Continue reading

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Lotto Max 22-Jan-2016

Two draws ago (Jan. 8th 2016) on my second line the numbers on my Lotto Max stub earned me one free ticket. It was, as usual a quick pick purchase (when the top prize is $20M or more) from my … Continue reading

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History is but a Selfie. (The Agenda)

Dear educators and politicians of the planet, this is for you. Written and taught histories are but from the view from those who have succeeded (mostly financially) or conquered by means of war. I could see why many have no … Continue reading

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Ring of Fire Ontario

An area with a high quality and density of, ¬†precious metals and minerals is in the planning/development stage. It will be done as long as Mankind will survive. Whether it be in 10, 20 or 40 years, it will be … Continue reading

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Advice- Pre-teens, Teens – Shaving

To all pre-teens and teens please hold off any shaving as long as you can. This goes for all males and females for all¬†areas of your body. Once you have cut the tip of hair (peach fuzz as it is … Continue reading

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