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Stock Markets, non-essential service!

Which market or country will be the first to close their dirty capitalistic doors? Start the tumble. One small or big falls and the rest will follow. Rule of Dominoes lined up. NOT THIS TIME! We do not want to … Continue reading

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No Canadians.

Or at least very few view my/these WordPress blogs. I suppose they do not like what I say. It is sad in a way as I am trying to mobilize them into the 23rd Century. Planning 100 years now would … Continue reading

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Problem with North America.

The most popular mass media is totally under the control of the wealthy. Many of the poor only watch television, read newspapers, or/and listen to the radio. All these three are owned and controlled by those in power and the … Continue reading

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The covid-19, Alcohol Case. North America.

As “essential services” were kept open during the pandemic most Provinces and States kept the sales of alcohols and spirits open. Reasons given: One, the already overburdened hospitals would be overwhelmed by those with alcohol withdrawal syndromes/symptoms. Two, desperate people … Continue reading

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Quiet day tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will not use my telephone, computer, television, or do any shopping. On Earth Day we should all use as little as possible energy. Of course those who are running the show will podcast for hours. A one thousand … Continue reading

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Pure coincidence?

My post yesterday was entitled, “settling of accounts”. Drawing attention to the moneys or wealth stashed in Offshore Accounts. Earlier today I read an article that said that the Dutch Government would not have any bail out money available to … Continue reading

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Issues/concerns, 2008 Canada Elections.

In 2008 I ran as an Independent Candidate in its 40th election. Here are the issues I raised at the time. As it was posted on an American site here on WordPress, it was blocked or deleted before my fellow … Continue reading

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Settling of accounts.

As world Governments of all other levels of governance are going bankrupt it just may be time to open up all of the bank accounts world wide to see who is hoarding how much where. We know that the “offshore” … Continue reading

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Covid Generation.

In a few years we will have the “Covid Generation” and it will be large. If we lose 10 Million people because of this virus, the lock downs may spur a baby boom. Not necessarily in the more developed Countries, … Continue reading

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Others who should put Trump to shame.

As he withdrew funds from the WHO (World Health Organization) why would not those other powerful or rich Countries anti up? China instead of denouncing Trump on the move, being the number two or is it # one economic powerhouse … Continue reading

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