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Used facial tissue discard.

Like almost everywhere else in this supposedly civilized world we have people who litter. One of the grossest things there is are used facial tissues thrown about carelessly or strategically placed. Here at “Oak St. End” we also have our share. It … Continue reading

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Haiti for tourists?

Here is a link found this morning on MSN made by the BBC. Of course Haiti is a great place for tourists. I know. I’ve been there, done that. There are things would be tourists would have to understand … Continue reading

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June 25th 9th P10B annual walk

Tomorrow again I will attempt to walk the close to 25 Miles circuit I set out ten years ago on Labour Day September 2003. The original route changed a bit three years in as I had moved location and besides … Continue reading

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M: City of pigs. Pays de cochon.

M: Thousand, Mille (French) represented in Roman Numerical system, or, nor like an “S” as in Superman. I had almost wasted my Thousandth Tweet on a Toronto Sun Sunshine Girl, their rating, or their photographic set ups. Of course over … Continue reading

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