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Over six billion “Think Tanks”.

I once, about twenty years ago called my movement “epqanna” (still of one) a virus. It was meant to disrupt or at least slow down, Mankind’s wrongly evolved ways. Ways that are threatening all life here on this planet. What … Continue reading

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Has anyone else noticed, perhaps Justin, that the price of, 411 plus nine, has gone up this summer. What was used to be relatively sixty-five is now seventy dollars, and , what used to be at one time “a quarter” … Continue reading

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Labour Day Walk RedHead

Again like on many others of these Project 10 Billion walks I brought along my camera. Took 22 pictures with three of them being of young ladies (not girls) backs without them knowing. The Red Head being refered to is … Continue reading

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Used facial tissue discard.

Like almost everywhere else in this supposedly civilized world we have people who litter. One of the grossest thingsĀ there isĀ are used facial tissues thrown about carelessly or strategically placed. Here at “Oak St. End” we also have our share. It … Continue reading

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