Adopt a tree?

Once the trees start producing fruit I will need a means to transport them to market. Bananas and mangos need a place to ripen from a couple of days to a week or so. Not quite sure about the time needed for a building, as I had planted quite a few varieties of mango. Within 6 or 7 years most will produce fruits.

Fencing, weeding, insect watch, sickness, watering (if needed), and trimming all have to be done on a continuous basis. That is what I am here for. Tree Caretaker. Would still like to be a CaretakeHer!

If ever and if when the Oceans rise, this is where the fruit and vegetables to feed the Country will be grown and found.

The wealthy would also flock to higher grounds.

This is why a good, concrete block fence is needed. Trees is what I am presently using. When the re-settlement occurs, if ever, it would be too late to put up a solid fence. All of the materials would be needed for shelter.

I’ve observed that all of the properties that are walled in all around have the greatest plant growth. It keeps the water in and grazing animals out.

So the trees themselves cost me next to nothing or nothing at all. I just plant the seeds from the fruit that I consume.

The cost of adopting a tree per year could be set at $112.20 or $1,122.00 depending on your income. Do not send cash by mail to the address found on one of my other blog tittles. A postal code gets it close enough. Do not include in U.S. currency, a one hundred, one ten, and, two or three, ones in a birthday card. If over a thousand use a bank transfer or Pay-pal.

So far I have planted over 160 fruit trees and another 50 or so variety of hardwood, including mahogany cedar and oak.

The house’s main floor should/could be used as a members club or center while upstairs would be my private “home”. One or two locals (couple) could/would be hired to take care of the visitors, work on the land and live on the first floor.

I need very little “cheddar” ($) right now. I get by quite well, better than most here. I could and do buy most of my food while most locals eat what they grow!

Developing this land employs people. A place where any $ input from outside helps many.

There are no big industry here. Any monies collected for the trees will be directed to hiring locals.

Pictures to follow, one day. Close to 200 trees. Help support one pls. They will all be numbered and dedicated to those that contribute/adopt.


This is my biggest tree. about one meter and a half. Avocado or Mango? I always get mixed up.

If one looks beyond the stone foundation of my fence you will notice that there are very few trees growing. All wood if not watched or fenced in are cut for firewood or charcoal.

The trees you see on the horizon are part of a fenced property.



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