Garden of epq HT7410

Pic153Pic147By; KingGJDerome


Here are a few photographs, drawings, etches and sketches of the 3.19 acres of rocks and roots that I am developing, tending, nursing into a one day, forest. One, teeming, over-towering/flowing, with fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, hardwood, and wildlife.

Actually I have very few of these photos etches and sketches, forcing myself to do things by writing them down.

Now I must convince myself to read this again before the year, or, century end.

I could also blank it, leave it as is. Procrastinator I am at work again, never finishing what I start.

Back to that question, “What do I want to do before I die?”, thinking on that one, no answers yet. Concentrate I tell myself, you dumb fuck, wake up!

The workers are pounding away to fit in the final ceramics on the back porch. Not hammering as that would shatter the pieces.

Sounds like spices and species and Pisces! Nieces as well I suppose.

I am a Pisces and have been thinking of spices. Those that I miss; barbeque, allspice, lemon pepper, planning to bring some back with me on my next trip/visit to Canada home.

Our species; we are but one people, one planet, and, one or none, future. With one future we will find other bubbles to live on. Galactic Expansion.

Nieces I have a few, just that, nieces. Family is Family.

“Before I die I would like to see this land into its maturity!”

Of course there is that one about 40 year old desire, to be loved and love by one Changeling. Then again, the about 20 year old one for, one thousand, 1122, or more of them!

A further time back, with twins, or, sisters, or, two at once,…

Ooops, My Garden!

Pictures, I have many saved and many more on my camera.

Graphics, some old ones nothing recent, lying around somewhere with my still many papers. Time to put them in electronic form.

I got back on here thinking I would find the area where I left the # of trees empty. The trees, other plants and all other life forms within the still very fragile fenced area are having a great time with the absence of the cabrie and cattle. They eat all crops.

Sorry but I will have to let you go for now. Must go find the empty number slots.

November 20th 2017

My worker, we will call him, Mr. Smith spotted a cabrie just as he arrived to do some work on my property. He ran quickly off through a yet reinforced fenced area.

More fencing latter this week and again the next.

What does the, Garden of epq, need?

Stronger fencing. More trees. An extra-large reservoir. T.L.C.

What would I like?

Finish the house. Fix the roads leading to my private road. Wind turbines.

Haiti’s greatest yet tapped natural resource is wind. Of course it would need outside financing for such a huge undertaking. There is a lot of poverty around and many who also have the means. Some, individuals and privately run social ventures and businesses of all kinds pretend to be poor in order to get handouts/funds. I not one.

This house is more like a community center. People walk a mile or more just to get their telephone charged! One solar panel I would expand to three and batteries also triple.

Even though there are many flowers/blossoms on the property I have yet to plant a “flower”! A plant just for the sake of the flower! I’ve let live plants with flowers, with fragrances that are appealing to me.

I need to plant more corosols and sweet oranges and still to be bought coconut and cedar trees. The last two on order.

Furniture, I have next to none. One bed, one good table, thirteen chairs (9 good ones) and two appliances is all that I have. It is a very large and yet completed house.

A television I have to get one, and a DVD player if the TV does not include one. They love to watch TV here. They glue themselves to it, all ages.

Feb. 24 2018

Just as I always have.

Watched a lot of TV here the last 3 weeks here in Canada. Many movies. Netflix is available. Not too many good ones.

Heading back to Haiti in a few days. It was a great “vacation” away from my retirement living.

The postal service is next to non-existent in Haiti. There are still some remnants of the service. I’ll have to look into it. I may have to pick up any mail or parcels in Miragoane (about 40 km away).




About epqanna, epqannaman, KingGDerome

A person who sees, cares, has, doable attainable, plans ideas Visions of a better world for all life. Global person ignored by the in power wealthy spoiled arrogant and at times ignorant and very controlling. Hiding behind their evolved words and ways. Words are mightier then the sword, only and if, they are echoed!
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