Bi – Si or – Ni? Interpretations, perspectives, and decisions.

Teaching and indoctrination are seduction avenues that form and make us who we are and become. This past decade the “Pride mandate” (Bi – Si groups) has had way more exposure and support in the medias that surround us then the opposite side/view. Past down tradition, culture, family, and religion being on the other side.

Definitions (My interpretations)

Medias; Mainstream radio, television, movies, Internet. Controlled by the wealthy and followers of the best followers of unjust and unfair evolved doctrines.

Bi; Bi-sexual: Open to, love, fall in love, or make love with either the same or opposite sex. 

Si; Those who are only interested, looking, and inter-acting with those of their own gender.

Ni; Those who follow, accept, I should/could not say obey, what nature has provided/given them.

The Ni group is found in most of the past traditional, cultural, and religious groups and societies on this planet.  The Bi also include the Si members, at least from my perspective, understanding, and up-bringing/formed opinion/view. The Si group is new and would include the queer (men with men only) and the lesbians (female with female only) people only.

The news/media groups here in Canada, at least in Toronto, are constantly seducing and influencing the children that being Bi and Si groups are perfectly okay and normal. They rarely expose or talk about the Ni groups perspective or viewpoints.

This makes the media groups here, biased and unfair. No equal exposure. They are influencing or bringing up your children more than you are!

This action tends to break up families as old values clashes with the new.  As if the root of all evil itself, the mighty dollar (monetary system and its distribution), is not bad enough in doing that! What we are ending up seeing is a complete reformation of what/who we will/may become.

As more of the Media groups in the G-20 are jumping on this band-wagon of thought the closer to a complete transformation will come. Like all other, past and present, religious and political known evolutionary conflict/directions there will never be a unified accepted train of thought on what is right and/or wrong.

Some traditions of the Ni themselves have become powerful ammunition for the other side, the Bi and Si groups. As man has always been for the most part the main bread earner in the family it also includes them as the ones treating when going out on a date.

Women expect to be treated regardless of income or net worth. A dates expense normally comes out of the males pocket. For those males who are financially wise or do not have a very large income this puts on added pressure for reasons to avoid this spoiled, opposite sex.  The more beautiful they are, the more spoiled they become as men love to be seen with beautiful women/ladies/girls and are foolishly willing to doll out for this “privilege”!

Of course we would all love to participate in what we call cultural events, entertainment, and travel but that takes money.

Women want to be showered and men love sex. Shower the women and the sex becomes easier. Yes, I did not forget about love. Shower and pamper them and they may be open to get to know someone and even find love in the process. First one must spend time with them and that costs. Is this not a good reason enough for men to seek other men as they both want the same thing, getting to know someone, without costing them an arm and a leg!

Forget about what I see on dating sites and on the streets.

I understand and accept the Bi group but dislike/disagree with the Si. I myself prefer the Ni.

Of course there are many loves. That of the body, of the mind, and that of the heart. All those who allow their bodies to love, love what they do. I do and always have loved the female body. In my case I have rarely fell in love with another’s mind, something I miss. Then there is no better love then that of the heart! That has happened to me a few times and constantly along with the body love, dream and fantasize of many others to come.

Should we, can I take a global poll on which direction we as a species, should go, support or thrive for?

A poll with either a choice of one option or more options in ranking order of the three, or two (by choice).

Love is rare and if ranking by number of preference I would rank the Ni as my first and Bi as my second. Si I would not even rate as third! If only one choice is there, it would be Ni.

Everything comes down to money, even relationships. If you do not have a vehicle, home or ticket to a certain concert or willing to treat then do not even say hello! We are a sick society.

Do not get me wrong I do not hate the Si group themselves but only think that it just not natural or right. What I do detest is the Medias influence on the young.


About epqanna, epqannaman, KingGDerome

A person who sees, cares, has, doable attainable, plans ideas Visions of a better world for all life. Global person ignored by the in power wealthy spoiled arrogant and at times ignorant and very controlling. Hiding behind their evolved words and ways. Words are mightier then the sword, only and if, they are echoed!
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