Advice- Pre-teens, Teens – Shaving

To all pre-teens and teens please hold off any shaving as long as you can. This goes for all males and females for all areas of your body. Once you have cut the tip of hair (peach fuzz as it is refered to) for the very first time it then proceeds to grow much faster.

Shaving for many is a very unpleasant chore.

Here is clip found today on Rogers/Yahoo;

It must have been made by the company to encourage its product sales! Somehow it makes the unworthy news section on their front page videos. It is about men shaving their facial hair.

First step it says is to “steam up” the bathroom. That takes energy! Use hot water before you splash your face with a “conditioner”. A mixture of “chemicals”. As if we do not put enough down our drains!

Then we need/use a “shaving cream”, a first time, another concoction of chemicals meant to prepare your face from the sharp razor edges, going with the grain of hair growth. Next step is to apply more cream before shaving against the grain.

After splashing cold water on the shaven areas and letting dry we then proceed to use “after shave”, another mix for the skin and the air we breathe.

I myself do not steam up the bathroom. Do not use conditioner and lather just once and rarely use any after shave.

Their way, energy is used to steam up the bathroom and hot water. Conditioners, shaving cream (twice) and after shave usage including their packaging and transportation uses energy as well as the treatment of waste water once flushed.

My way, uses hot water which is essential for a proper shave and less consumption of products therefore better for the environment. So what if it is not perfect. We are not!

As for other parts of the body such as legs, pubic area, armpits, and torso I do not agree that any of these should go under the blades.

I’ve kept every “Playboy” and other types of adult men entertainment magazine that I got my hands on. Wow, how things change. What was published then were beauties in their natural. Pubic hair as it is meant to be, in the natural state of growth. Now, for the most part it is all shaved away. We have ladies and women in child look-alike birthday suits.

Girls please do not ever shave! There is nothing wrong with natural growth no matter where it shows up.

I would rather see a bathing suit that shows the contours/outlines of bush (pubic hair)rather than that of a camel toe.

There is nothing wrong with armpit or leg hair either. Notably if it has never been cut, as it will always remain short and fine. Mind you in some people, the growth is way more pronounced than others. 

In todays modern societies the women’s pubic area are shaved when giving birth. So throughout our millions of years of evolution it was hardly ever done, now they say that it is required! Go figure?

 There is one quite recent new commercial out there that encourages men to shave all of their body hairs. The enticement/lure/trick/seduction of the advertising comes via words and visual. The cameras spotlights a few gorgeous well dressed young ladies in high fashion noticing a young clean-shaven professionally dressed young man walking by with a big confident smile on his face. The words go something like this. “All women love hairless men”. Then of course we have the products that they are selling!

Truth; Not all women like body hairless men. Some like the opposite. Still, advertising like this does get into young children’s minds. It is called seduction. The advertisers job!

 So for pre-teens and teens, my advice is to stay as natural as possible for as long as you can.

There should never be shame in what nature provides us!

Please, do not be pawns to modern days unrealistic fashions.

My 1,000 epqgirls and followers will be asked to remain natural as long as possible. Shaving, make-up, and perfumes, are pollutants of our bodies and air, that must be avoided and one day maybe even abolished all together.

Avoid the seductions of our world of consumption. It is unnecessary energy consumption and pollution!


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A person who sees, cares, has, doable attainable, plans ideas Visions of a better world for all life. Global person ignored by the in power wealthy spoiled arrogant and at times ignorant and very controlling. Hiding behind their evolved words and ways. Words are mightier then the sword, only and if, they are echoed!
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