One of my fantasies not memories!

Our minds are filled with a mixture of memories and fantasies. Those things that we have done, perceived to have done, those we wish we had done, or those we may one day do. Every time we encounter a stimuli it reacts.

There was an article on-line today in the Toronto Sun. Here is the link. They like doing this type of reporting. Small articles of awful deeds.

I am glad of my tittle. As those who have been reading my blogs will know where I stand on this issue or type of events. At least where my animal sits.

It is a true fact that some fourteen year olds have bodies as developed as eighteen year old ones. I’ve known, met or crossed paths with a few.

It is known that by the age of sixteen in the sexually evolved or liberated countries (probably most places on earth) 54% of them have tried oral sex. The numbers for the younger ages I do not know but I am quite sure that at fourteen the numbers would be higher than thirty percent. With whom or the ages of those they “tried” or “did” or “do” this we do not know. Many it is probably with others close to their ages. In the U.K. they start to teach 11 year olds how to have safe oral sex!

The sentenced gent went all the way with the young lady. Six and a half years, I think most would agree with me is not long enough jail term! It has happened before and will again. For me it is one of my favorite fantasies. To seduce a (or more) Changeling. Not go all the way but to do almost everything but only if it is okay with them of course. In my dreams and fantasies I always succeed of course. No particular girl or age, always different age, development stage and colour/shade. Never the same dreamed up face either. Breasts always from close to zero to full hand/mouthful. Pre-bush, to peach fuzz, two or three hairs, curly or straight, to little lines or triangles, transparent, blond, black, and everything in between.

Using violence and threats I do not even do or use in my dreams or fantasies. All my willing participating partners are fully aware of what they are doing. They actually want me to be their first “teacher”/”taste”. They contact me for the, their first epqcounter/lesson!

For every child entering maturity/puberty many things can trigger a reaction. This not only happens to us but in all of life! Every age and signal is different as well. In plants, the sun, water, humidity, or animal sets off the process of development or growth. Whether one is nine or fifteen, anything like a noise, smell, touch, or even food can trigger a desire and/or curiosity. We wish, hope and/or desire that when that happens those entering puberty will be with others their age. Does not always happen that way.

Music, sport, and other public stars/heroes ignite those hormones more than others as the media keeps showcasing them. Which was the first star that stirred my hormones? Raquel Welsh (2,000 BC poster?), Diana Ross, or was it Olivia Newton John? Having being infected and affected by music and television I myself want or would like to be on the other side of that coin. Which Changeling today would not want to be close or even partner to the one day King of the planet? Which star can be bigger? NONE

 Like I wrote not memories. Maybe some day that will change but I would rather rise to being King & Capitan of this planet by skipping that route. Succeed without the help of epqgirls or Changelings. Then again my animal wants to go the other way!

Groom; does not business, Government and religion also do this? Is not any type of seduction and indoctrination just that “grooming”. To constantly show, write, do, and say what is “right” in order to get their attention and affection! We/they push the “uneven distribution of wealth” with a smile eventually grooming everyone to say and even believe that it is okay! Is it not also okay for everyone to buy a vehicle regardless of its negative impact on all life on this planet? None of the three powers above dare object to it!

Those individuals who do dare question the industrial age destructive dinosaur, the personal automobile, are ignored. Like myself.


About epqanna, epqannaman, KingGDerome

A person who sees, cares, has, doable attainable, plans ideas Visions of a better world for all life. Global person ignored by the in power wealthy spoiled arrogant and at times ignorant and very controlling. Hiding behind their evolved words and ways. Words are mightier then the sword, only and if, they are echoed!
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