Keyboard Exploded @ 6:00 AM

At 6:00 AM (E.S.T.) this morning of February 1st 2011 I was keying in some text when upon pressing my “u” button my whole keyboard exploded and I ended.

I woke up looked at my alarm clock to see myself born again into this/another reality.

Did anything significant happen this morning anywhere on this planet at that same instant? I wonder. I’ll have to search that. Since we only see or get access to local or chosen news from around the world I appeal to all fellow bloggers to help in the search for any other events around the Globe at that particular moment.


-February 6th, 2011-

Just fund out this evening that one of my cousins who happen to live nearby (at least used to) was found dead in her apartment. She died about a week ago. “Nicole Labonte” was her name.

Funeral will be this coming Wednesday at a Funeral Home on Lawrence Ave. East in Toronto at 1:00 PM

It may have been her saying goodbye!

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