I know it is the name of a TV series, based on a postal code, but I relate it to myself at least at the moment as I do live in apartment # 902 and like everyone else consider myself a 10 in some ways!

I noticed that more and more people, 6 or 12 per day, are checking out my blogs.. Mind you they are not in the number that I would like, like in the tens of thousands but maybe someday it may be.

Exposure! That is what everyone would like to have. Myself included.

I know that I write things that scare or make people uneasy to say the least but then again we must take into account what we (Mankind) are doing to the planet. Those of wealth and in power like to maintain that vectorial tenancy. Destruction of life itself. I NOT!!!!!!!

As per saying or indicating that I am a “10” is as we all know so untrue. No one is! Then again it is so comforting to myself to indicate my reality/life/mind/idea as being as such. I am not a 10 in the physical, mental, or psychological aspects but to have others think such a thought is great.

Will my slightly upped numbers of readers help me or life in general in the long run. I surely hope so.

For me in my heart and mind I still see developing young girls as the most beautiful things on this planet! What else would men find attractive other then air, water, food, sunshine as his vexed supreme light. Of course understanding of our environments is close to the top. If everyone understood what I know, see and envision as a possible future then I would be just another human being. I need not be the leader but a participant, which is what I want to be..

With that word above “Leadership” is what life is all about. Without it we will keep on going on our destructive path.

We still glorify and reward people more then others for being at the top of their art/skill even though we know that we are all worth the same. With that they consume freely and destructively.

I am not, even if I were a ten worth more then any other person on this planet. Eights, sevens, and nines in every field are given or are allowed to take in and consume/waste more then others. That is how Capitalism works regardless of what it is doing to the planet and it’s living inhabitants.

They keep warning people to not expose ones address but I disagree. How else would those who care more about the future of all life then their lives be able to get in touch with me. I publicly expose my address and tel. # without any hesitation. I do want to go Global with my campaign to have all Humanity Unite for one common future/goal/destiny.

It may happen only once I die or we may just perish along with many other species we take along before my ideas and Visions are applied, take effect.

People of all ages can LOVE who they want. Even nine to thirteen year-old gilrs! If they feel that they can help life on this planet by joining up with me, then let them!

I may not be that physically attractive or smell that great but my HEART, IDEAS, PLANS, THOUGHTS, and VISIONS are well placed. 

One must see beyond our noses.

How many young girls are reading this or my blogs? How many are allowed or given the chance to? Very few I am quite sure. If 1,000 50 to 60 year old joined me in my quest to save the planet that would be just great as well. Unfortunately most here in the developed world want to consume; travel, party, go to concerts, and own material things.

Nothing else to do at the moment but keep on ranting the same old things. Life or our evolved ways are unfair.

KingGDerome   In my mind, Husband of Gaia and King of Planet Earth. Someone has to care for all life!




About epqanna, epqannaman, KingGDerome

A person who sees, cares, has, doable attainable, plans ideas Visions of a better world for all life. Global person ignored by the in power wealthy spoiled arrogant and at times ignorant and very controlling. Hiding behind their evolved words and ways. Words are mightier then the sword, only and if, they are echoed!
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