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Walk a mile in my shoe. # Walk&Talk.

I entered an event on my facebook account, page/profile. It was in relation to Climate Strike this upcoming Friday. I will make my 25 mile or km wlk around Toronto. tart will be at 9:00 AM as usual. Don Mills … Continue reading

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Candidate Councillor Ward 28

I registered my candidacy on September 4th 2014. This is another attempt to step into the political arena. It has been over ten years since my first foray into this avenue. I should be taken seriously and heard. The City … Continue reading

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Missed opportunity.

Yesterday and today would have been the best first days of spring for a clean-up across the city. The winter was hard on our infrastructure and the people do not help very much. So much litter of all kinds.  Some … Continue reading

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Runaway Central; Greater Toronto Area.

I could not find anything written on an incident yesterday in this city. An 11 year-old girl ran away from home and slept in a park. Her picture was on the television. Do not know what station or within what … Continue reading

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