4. Education

  • -“The officially accredited by Government, business, and religion, educated really believe that they are worth more then others. Centuries of seductions and indoctrination have worked wonders”.-

This is the fourth of nine issues/concerns from my 2008 election platform.

KingGDerome GreenKing

Second attempt for Twitter.

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3. The personal vehicle.

  • -The personal vehicle; When we reach a population of 10 billion, should everyone, or only the wealthy, or should no one have a right to own one?-

KingGDerome GreenKing

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2. Profits on the necessities of life:

  • – “Profits on the necessities of life; Our evolved systems of operation allows it. It is legal but from my point of view unjust, and unfair. Again a serious national and International issue kept hushed.”-

This was my #2 issue in the 40th Canadian Federal Election in 2008

Please, see my 9 concerns brought up on these blogs from an “Evolutionary Perspective”.

Sorry, no picture.

KingGDerome GreenKing

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1. Distribution of Wealth.

This is the first of nine statements, issues, or, complaints I brought forward during my October 14th 2008 run for Federal Office in Canada’s 40th Federal Election as an Independent Candidate! (Toronto Center)

Word for word on my flyer.

-“Distribution of wealth; We should say the non-even distribution, both national and Global. Wealth being defined as, time, space, and resources! This is the cause of most crime and wars around the world.”-

Within a day or two or even hours of registering as a Candidate, both my cable and telephone services were severed, stopped working.


After the telephone and Internet fix; (different providers);

I received a telephone call from some young sounding lady (from the U.S. (she claimed)) asking me to send her my election platforms. She claimed that her sister in Winnipeg told her about me. That she did not have any way for her to send them. She was insistent on the matter. It was hard for me to turn down.

Stupidly I did send what she requested by e-mail!

Elections Canada forbids candidates to send out any “election” information outside the Country except to those serving in the army abroad. I had read this along with other hundreds of rules and procedures to follow. It had slipped my mind as the telephone had just been reconnected and I was anxious to communicate with people.

This action automatically disqualified me from being talked about by any news media or medium.

I have no idea who or what party put this person up to doing this.

I had no coverage whatsoever. Totally ignored.

My blog posts were here on WordPress (U.S.) so after that e-mail no one had access to what I was all about. I myself ,now, cannot even see what I wrote back in 2008. I was electronically completely shut out from the public. The WordPress notes was my only outlet other then knocking on doors.

I will be posting the other eight “items of concern”, one at a time. Not one a day but at different times within the next couple or few days.

KingGDerome GreenKing

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Individuals; most people are intelligent. It is known that we use only a small proportion of our brain. That goes for everyone. So we can peg ourselves as 55 to 80 percent intelligent.

As a group; Not as efficient. Oh, yes we think that our collective cooperation makes us more intelligent but it does fall short. Groups like Governments pretend to have all the angles covered when they make decisions, drafts, laws, bills, constitutions, and so forth. We know that it never seems to cover all the bases. There are always problems for other groups or individuals. We can say ( I am purely guessing/speculating) that as a group we are 45 to 65 per cent intelligent. This is generous because groups ignore other groups from other areas domains and even countries.

As a whole (Mankind); are one of the dumbest creatures on the planet. We not only have yet to stop military wars, but we also created others, namely religious, cultural, and economic wars. Mankind s intelligence is a dismal 10 to 30 per cent, if that!

With this type of non achievement Mankind is on its way to destroy all life on the planet.

Every group and Country pointing their fingers at the other groups for our downhill progression.

Old school farming in Haiti. The land is not machine friendly as it is mountains.

Our planet should send out a signal into outer space warning other species to stay away as we are an uncooperative species nearing/approaching self destruction.

KingGDerome GreenKing

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Climate Change poster.

Used altered without permission. I hope it is okay.

KingGDerome GreenKing

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I feel guilty. She should not have died.

When I look back at the single gesture as to relieving pressure on a sick child’s back as well as giving her warmth for 15 – 20 minutes helped her a lot.

I should have offered and insisted that she needs someones warmth and humidity would help her recuperate from her infection.

The twice I visited her at her house, in bed she was really cold. I told them to change that polyester sweatshirt off her back and get some warm bed sheets.

After a few minutes of my warmth she was able to say a few words and smile. Before that she had trouble even breathing.

I visited her at one hospital, a cold bed, back home another cold bed… all this time she is not eating or drinking much as well as having trouble breathing.

Her body was pumped up with all kinds of medicine but her little heart was too busy just to keep her body warm.

My “aura” was shared with hers which gave her heart a chance to take those drugs to the intended location. In a few minutes the swelling was reduced and she clearly spoke a few words. Something she could not do before.

The next time I visited her, I wanted to do the same thing. Sit her up against me in my arms. But, I did not dare… I should have insisted.

She did not have to die.

I could have, should have helped.. If only I knew yesterday what I know now.

funeral Monday. Do not want to go. Do not want to imprint bad memories, body, coffin, grave, lost crying eyes

Lost a Princess

KingGDerome GreenKing

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The Alberta Proposition.

Time for them to stop whining and pull up their socks. Oh, you halted out pipelines, you bad people. That is our good paying jobs you are taking away.

We need that revenue.

Oils sands, one of the dirtiest oil on the planet.

Time to go back to what was always needed, agriculture!

We now should concentrate on cleaning the oil sands area.

We build giant centrifuge in order to clean our water.

We use the biggest jet engine available on the market. We anchor it down and spin all our dirty waters until we get separation of all heavier particles.

The heat form the engine will be turned into steam which in turn will be used on the sands in order to extract the oils.

All exhausts will be captured by compression into metal cylinders before themselves being centrifuged to separate the chemicals.

The stainless steel tips within the centrifuge will have a valve to slowly release the heaviest atoms. The top will also be drained of its lightest elements.

How big a centrifuge can one build around a jet engine? How much water can we process in a day?

Would the water come out clean? is the first question.

Alberta, instead of shipping out the oil from the area (oil sands) it is time for us to uses the oil there, on the spot.

We need an oil refinery and Industries that could help us “re-build or re-colonize” our planet.

How big can we make plexi-glass or lexar ( lexan?). The length of a rail car? Maximum height, what 12 feet high or so.

We have unfinished pipelines. We can uses these to build domed habitats as our new settlements. Car-less habitats, free from money, products of wants and desires.

Mankind has to rebuild how we live/exist.

No more of waste and abuse of energy.

We have elbow grease generators for every muscle group when needed in order for the habitats to work without the need for outside energy as much as possible.

This is not exclusive to Alberta. Everyone on the planet can help plan our next step.

We have solar power, wind power, and human power all at our disposal.

We need dirty oil in order to start the transition.

Cleaning our waters, soil, air, and lifestyles, should be every citizens and Countries new priority.


Politics; Planning the future.

Every city should be cleaning and re-using its waters.

Coastal Countries, states, provinces, districts, time to build or transform boats/ships to pick up ocean plastic debris.

This is more important then spending on the military/navy/air force.

Time to put Gaia’s health at the forefront.

GreenKing KingGDerome

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Updating my “P”s.

Growing up it was Propaganda, Plastics, and Paper.

Recent past, Poker, Porn, and Politics.

Now, just Politics. Global, International.

My top viewed post again as I activated it last month is;

“Not good to go”. Most likely picked up by a porn site.

It contains a picture of a naked 10 or 11 year old girl enjoying the beach.

My politics are way more important.

Politics is about planning the future, all Countries and religions.

One People One Planet One Future ; alongside and in harmony with nature.

Dollar, economy, business, is what is killing all life on this planet.

GreenKing KingGDerome

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Simple logic.

I’ve been a superintendent at a few buildings in Toronto. Every unit comes with a refrigerator. A very large one consuming 145 watts of power and more per hour.

Even bachelor apartments had huge monsters.

A single person or even a couple does not need these beasts.

I bought one in Haiti that consume only 85 watts per hour.

Designed in France, made in China.

Made in China, most likely found its way to a U.S. port before settling in Haiti.

Why all this travel while it can be made in North America.

We complain the China is undercutting costs.

Time for every continent to start manufacturing products at home. There would be a very large decrease in International shipping which is very, very polluting. It pollutes our air and oceans.

We have only ourselves to blame.

Another issue is quality. Old refrigerators lasted 20 to 30 years. New ones 5 if one is lucky. Repairing them often costs as much as buying a new one. That goes for many of our “disposable” every day products. Telephones, televisions, shoes, mixers…

We ship oil and coal to Asian Countries via oil tankers. They produce products to again be shipped around the world.

All the while we should keep what we need manufactured where they are used.

Many people became rich because they became the middle man to Asia. We lost many jobs and worse of all our self respect.

China, the biggest giant, must be laughing at us all the way to the bank!

Shifting jobs to Mexico from Canada and the U.S. is no better. Weaker work regulations, lower pay, less environmental protection.

Yes Mexico is part of North America but standards must be universal.

Wake up, let us stop shooting ourselves in the foot.

KingGDerome GreenKing

Ants feasting.

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