9. Free Trade (Contracting out).

  • -“Free Trade helped a few get rich, others richer on both sides of the fences, while having less liability and responsibility at the cost of the environments and peoples health.”-

This is what I wrote in 2008 but not what I meant!

What I meant to say is that the shifting of our industries to other countries where wages and environmental and safety standards are lower have made a few people on both sides richer , while at the same time, having us, lose good paying jobs.

We shot ourselves in the foot!

KingGDerome GreenKing

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8. Governing

  • -“Governments are supposed to govern! Their evolved responsibility seems more to be one to supply power more for the wants and desires coming from businesses successful destructive seductions, and, two, too fix and/or repair the damages, to people and environments, caused by such lifestyles.”-

The wealthy, industries, and businesses, are more protected and coveted by Governments then the people and environments.

This holds true for most of the world.

Governments have become nothing more then an extension (right arm) of the wealthy, businesses, and industry.

The almighty buck is more important then health. Health of the people, lands, waters and air, or we should say life itself.

One of Governments role like religion is to civilize people. How can people act justly if those in power do not abide in a civil, just, and, caring manner!

Evolved Governments do not represent or protect people. They should!

Democracies are a joke. They are closer to being called Hypocrisies because that is what they have become!

The more one spends on an election campaign the more likely one would be voted in! Big businesses and the wealthy do not support those who oppose our wrongly twisted warring (military and economic) evolved ways.

The biggest obstacles in the needed changes for a just, fair, and clean future for all life, are our evolved written Government words of, decrees, procedures, and laws.

Laws made by the rich in order for them to remain as such.

Wealth means/equals power in all Countries. They, the rich, say, “Do it our way or we will move our stash, booty, and business, elsewhere”. Works every time.

Governments are bought and manipulated by the flash of the $!

KingGDerome GreenKing

Representing, out to protect, the Global, enslaved, poor, short-changed, weak, and cheated!

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7. Extinction

  • – “Man caused extinction. We here in Canada are just as responsible as, the hunters who pull the trigger, or the people who cut down forests in order to survive, elsewhere on this planet.”-

We are on the road to causing the 7th great extinction event. We everyday seem to be adding to the list of living things disappearing forever, including ourselves.

Sea and land animals are affected by our man made products. Their digestive systems are being clogged with plastics and chemicals of all kinds are ripping through their bodies.

Yet even as recently as last week announcements of new “plastic producing facilities” are planned to be built.

Micro-plastics are now found in our oceans, lands and even air. We ourselves are inhaling it as well as eating them as it trickles through the food chain.

Serious issues not taken seriously by those in power.

KingGDerome GreenKing

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6. Climate Change

#6 of 9

  • – “Climate Change; This includes both cooling and/or warming. We can not ignore the fact that our (Mankind’s) activities are responsible for what is happening to the planet’s poles and ice caps. It is our pollution, all of them, those known and talked about and those ignored or kept hushed. Heat is another pollution, just as vibration or air displacement made by our many modes of transportation.”-

Found on my 2008 flyer, word for word.

KingGDerome GreenKing

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5. Doctors

#5 of 9 statements from my 2008 pretend drive for a house seat.

  • -“Any and every Medical Doctor who cares, diagnoses, cures and/or helps his/her patients be comfortable when no cure is found is worth more then any, executive, professional athlete, investor, lawyer, accountant, and rock/movie star.”-
Picture found on doctors “images”, Bing search.

I have the utmost respect for all caring Doctors who do good work.

It is very unfortunate that a couple of weeks ago I sent a Twitter message that was meant to be a compliment backfired. The Doctor took it as an insult.

She Tweeted that she was a “Practice Baby”. A term that I was not familiar before reading her Tweet, but well explained in her tweet. “Dr. Sandra Steingraber”

I instinctively wrote back “Practice makes Perfect“. Meaning from my point of view that regardless of her rough or different beginning she had achieved, in my mind, she reached the top position anyone on this planet could reach.

It was meant as a compliment. She quickly snapped back;

Fuck you Gerald

I was hurt by that comment. I had re-Tweeted a reply/explanation but by then she had already cut me off from reaching her.

Two others “liked” her reply. “Sandra O’Brian”, and “Courtney”. Both not knowing why I wrote those words.

If people are adopted, it is not their fault. It is not only the mother/parents fault but in my opinion their loss. Adoptees should not see this as a stigma. At only a few days old these newborns were already helping would be mothers.

If an adoptee had good adoptive parents then there should be no shame whatsoever.

It is what we are today and tomorrow that counts, not our past.

KingGDerome GreenKing

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4. Education

  • -“The officially accredited by Government, business, and religion, educated really believe that they are worth more then others. Centuries of seductions and indoctrination have worked wonders”.-

This is the fourth of nine issues/concerns from my 2008 election platform.

KingGDerome GreenKing

Second attempt for Twitter.

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3. The personal vehicle.

  • -The personal vehicle; When we reach a population of 10 billion, should everyone, or only the wealthy, or should no one have a right to own one?-

KingGDerome GreenKing

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2. Profits on the necessities of life:

  • – “Profits on the necessities of life; Our evolved systems of operation allows it. It is legal but from my point of view unjust, and unfair. Again a serious national and International issue kept hushed.”-

This was my #2 issue in the 40th Canadian Federal Election in 2008

Please, see my 9 concerns brought up on these blogs from an “Evolutionary Perspective”.

Sorry, no picture.

KingGDerome GreenKing

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1. Distribution of Wealth.

This is the first of nine statements, issues, or, complaints I brought forward during my October 14th 2008 run for Federal Office in Canada’s 40th Federal Election as an Independent Candidate! (Toronto Center)

Word for word on my flyer.

-“Distribution of wealth; We should say the non-even distribution, both national and Global. Wealth being defined as, time, space, and resources! This is the cause of most crime and wars around the world.”-

Within a day or two or even hours of registering as a Candidate, both my cable and telephone services were severed, stopped working.


After the telephone and Internet fix; (different providers);

I received a telephone call from some young sounding lady (from the U.S. (she claimed)) asking me to send her my election platforms. She claimed that her sister in Winnipeg told her about me. That she did not have any way for her to send them. She was insistent on the matter. It was hard for me to turn down.

Stupidly I did send what she requested by e-mail!

Elections Canada forbids candidates to send out any “election” information outside the Country except to those serving in the army abroad. I had read this along with other hundreds of rules and procedures to follow. It had slipped my mind as the telephone had just been reconnected and I was anxious to communicate with people.

This action automatically disqualified me from being talked about by any news media or medium.

I have no idea who or what party put this person up to doing this.

I had no coverage whatsoever. Totally ignored.

My blog posts were here on WordPress (U.S.) so after that e-mail no one had access to what I was all about. I myself ,now, cannot even see what I wrote back in 2008. I was electronically completely shut out from the public. The WordPress notes was my only outlet other then knocking on doors.

I will be posting the other eight “items of concern”, one at a time. Not one a day but at different times within the next couple or few days.

KingGDerome GreenKing

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Individuals; most people are intelligent. It is known that we use only a small proportion of our brain. That goes for everyone. So we can peg ourselves as 55 to 80 percent intelligent.

As a group; Not as efficient. Oh, yes we think that our collective cooperation makes us more intelligent but it does fall short. Groups like Governments pretend to have all the angles covered when they make decisions, drafts, laws, bills, constitutions, and so forth. We know that it never seems to cover all the bases. There are always problems for other groups or individuals. We can say ( I am purely guessing/speculating) that as a group we are 45 to 65 per cent intelligent. This is generous because groups ignore other groups from other areas domains and even countries.

As a whole (Mankind); are one of the dumbest creatures on the planet. We not only have yet to stop military wars, but we also created others, namely religious, cultural, and economic wars. Mankind s intelligence is a dismal 10 to 30 per cent, if that!

With this type of non achievement Mankind is on its way to destroy all life on the planet.

Every group and Country pointing their fingers at the other groups for our downhill progression.

Old school farming in Haiti. The land is not machine friendly as it is mountains.

Our planet should send out a signal into outer space warning other species to stay away as we are an uncooperative species nearing/approaching self destruction.

KingGDerome GreenKing

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