Imagine if everyone bought into this!

That would be a good start.

And we (North Americans) thought we were so far ahead in recycling and taking care of the planet.

Another dragonfly rescued from my open water reservoir. Unfortunately after 2 hours of home warmth and wing cleaning he seemed ready. I put him on top of a trash bucket outside. Sheltered from the wind. A couple of hours latter I found him being feasted by hundreds of ants.

Yes, they do mention the Americans doing it too. I assumed that if the States are doing it we must be doing it too. But not in Canada.

No such networks of trying to go clean. Oh, the Greens pretend, but they never send out even a remote plan. They say stop stop stop and offer no concrete plans whatsoever.

Sorry, I am Greener then green.


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Greens worldwide!

Look what I found.

  1. Did any of you ever vote for this to happen?

Their (the rich) carbon footprints would most likely have a way steeper climb.

Distribution of wealth has to be leveled across the globe.

2. In the future, far future, one of three options for the Greens. a) Only the wealthy own a personal vehicle, b) everyone owns an automobile, c) no one owns one.

We have to start planning, car-less cities!

No more garages, driveways, smaller roads, highways, less maintenance, more land for agriculture.

3. Home sizes. How can we allow residential homes to be built with 4,000, 8,000, 20,000 and up, square foot in sizes, for a family of five or less.

They are so environmentally destructive and worst of all, not needed.

Stop issuing such building permits world wide. Decline them, make it law. Vote on it.

4. Greens will stop all military & economic wars.

It is easy to see why the Federal Green Party of Canada did so bad in the last elections. Did not connect with the people.

Bring these four, oops five, issues up and everyone earning less then $25K, or even $35,000 CAD per year in Canada should vote for you.

5) Continents must plan to be as self sufficient in all areas. Inter-continental shipping must decrease except for water, food and medical. e.i. Essentials to life.

I felt bad cutting this little spud up. He looks rather, is it, sad or pensive?

Drastic changes need to happen quick and soon.

Our differently evolved ways around the world makes us slightly different, still, no need or reason for any war, economic religious or military.

The planet belongs to all life.


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Sum us.

We are ignorant animals

Smart humans



Desperately lost.


Dragonflies rescued from drowning. I check the open reservoir every morning.

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Mental well Beeing exercise.

Yes, I did spell that word with two “e”s.

It seems that the only way that we can became more humane is to be more like bees.

Buy, find, or, make an eye patch.

Start slowly for a few minutes a day, increasing it slowly or fast, one eye then the other. At your rate the time one eye is covered.

It is easy to realize which is your dominant one. The exercise in the long run is to try to improve or strengthen the other one.

In two months one my cover one eye for a whole day. If you are online a lot, would reading understanding and explaining (writing) things be perceived/done differently with one from the other.

Use your right, then left hemisphere. Left hand, eye, ear only at the same time.

Ear plugs are still available. Do the same for your hearing.

Close your eyes and walk around your living space(s). Yes, use a stick. Pretend you are blind. One day it may happen to you. (Remove clutter first.)

The Ontario Government has a few “Mental Well Being” videos on YouTube, by the way!

Broke one of my last few dishes of “Corningware blue”. Wedding gift from way back when.

Try writing or drawing with your toes! I’ve tried that with a little success.

Were the only ignorant animal on earth. Look at all our possessions. Look at what we are doing the planet itself and all other life that dwell upon it.

Ashamed to be human.


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Green step.

One of my earliest memories, now that I think about it was going shopping to the grocery stores with my mom. As I was the eldest boy I helped carry the paper bags home. A few downtown city blocks. The first few times I was amazed by all the different bottles. All those sizes and shapes and even colours were different at times.

I liked the little bottles best. The hard thick glass ones. Easier to handle, less slippery for the small hands. Today over 50 years latter I still see those same bottles. Actually I have been saving mine up for four years and a half.

Here are some pictures of the trio!

Three that are much older then I.

Out of those three the middle one would be the most produced and spread around the world then the other two.

China sends food out to all corners of the world is this is a very big seller. I wonder if we can access the numbers of these bottles produced in the last year or 2, or, 3,…25… 40 .. years?

How many in my lifetime 64+ years did you produce?

How many recycled?

Cost per bottle to produce, energy used , now and b3efore if there was a change?

People of the planet. Does your country recycle these and other bottles? I do not mean break and melt down to remold again. I mean refill!

Time to send them back the empties.

Neighborhoods need recycling centers in every city around the world notably in the developed Countries.

We bring in one million more of those bottles into our country then, in a year or so, we should be ready to return them or re-bottle them here. They send their products in barrels instead.

Louisiana Hot Sauce; I like but most of the consumption of those hot bottles were done by employees and visitors. My muffler doe not like it.

With the covid store closings. We should look for the best locations for recycling centers. Curbside pick-up may be a thing of the past for the spoiled.

All products must come in clean. Plastics, glass, wood, paper, cardboard, old furniture, electronics…

4 year consumption. No recycling in Haiti,,,, yet.

And the lowly ketchup or catchup bottle! The small size (14 oz.). Glass, some use plastic which is not a good idea as it contain vinegar and salt.


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Mental Well Beeing. Get epqed!

4 one half hour a day of your computer time.

After exercise, cool down, wash, sit relax log on your favorite media device.

Seek epqanna.

Put your mind in a different state.

See things from an evolutionary perspective.

Jump from one month 3 or 5 years ago.

Make two save files.

Put positive ideas, words, phrases, and the like in one.

Negative, bad thoughts, ideas in the other.

Do this once every day when possible.

Over 7 years of positive and negative firings.

Take the positive and help us, all of us, plan a healthy future for all life.


Green King

Hoarders of garbage living room. Bedroom and kitchen no better.

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Recreational Vehicles; sales up!

An article last week from Canada said the same thing as this one from the U.S.

Many sizes are sold out. Many new drivers on the roads.

One must book way in advance at campgrounds to get a spot. Many people will be disappointed.

Watch the accidents rise dramatically for RVs all across North America.

Insurance rates will skyrocket and next year many will transfer hands again.

Those vehicles that are doing the towing. Do they have to get a yearly check, by law?

Farms should set up spots for two RVs. Have people over for a few days. Show them the work that has to be done. Help out even. Collecting eggs, cutting the hay, working the hoe, cleaning the pig sties…

A work vacation experience.

Pay the farmer for the hydro, water, septic, share cooking food bill…

Do some wild hog hunting in some parts of the country!

KingGDerome GreenKing

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Greenhouses locust ready?

We think that those destructive bugs will not venture all across the globe. They may, might.

When they do will your Greenhouse be ready for them. Will you be able to protect your crops.

There is the air intake. Would it be able to take on the onslaught of thousands of locusts. Do your windows have screens? Your exhaust, does it have a working back draft apparatus.

Victory loves preparedness.

Just a thought. GreenKing

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Three Powers

Top three movers and shakers.

Could not put this picture up yesterday alongside the other.

Again do not take it seriously.

Green King

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Not an artist.

Political cartoons are great. At times they tell or portrait the truth better then words. Do not take these seriously. They are just for fun.

Putin has been on safaris, most pictures have Elmer holding a gun to hunt Bugs Bunny.

Trump is not as happy as Sponge Bob but kinda looks like him. Square head, shoulders.

Xi I know little about except for what the “free” media here tells us.

Trump could be Batman, Putin Superman and Xi the Green Hornet!

We can also use animals. Xi a panda, Putin a lion and Trump a Dodo bird. I was going to write elephant for Trump as he does have the most powerful army but elephants are intelligent!

Me well you can call me a rat. Rat out our wrongly evolved destructive ways of living.

KingGDerome the Green King

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