Walking down the road to purchase a few pieces of bread I got ambushed and bombarded with rocks.

Pow. One hit me right on the crest of my right foot. Right where shoe laces used to be found. Now I always wear flip-flops. No between toe ones, just the wrap around.

It must have been quite the size. I large bruise grew like magic. The whole top area was twice as large as my other foot.

After Eeooouching! a few steps, I saw three out of the four little rascals. One scrambling fast downhill and the other two much younger ones surprised to hear me yowl and screaming at them to come here and look what you did.

There was very little blood. Lucky as when I drink three or more beers a day I bleed a lot. My blood has a higher alcohol content which makes it thinner. I had had two of my three beers so far before the incident.

Then the fourth little spud showed up. I recognized him. I made him look at the wound. I screamed/yelled at them a bit but made sure that they would not do it a second time.

I did similar very stupid things when I was young.

Got the bread and limply returned. Grabbed a cool one and drank it. Within the hour as it was late afternoon the laundry crews have disappeared. My house’s water reservoirs have become a community water hole.

I half filled a bucket with cold water. Sat down, read a book for 45 minutes with my foot soaking in cold water.

Put a T-shirt and then a long sleeved shirt over that along with my fleece night pants and was in bed by 6:30 pm . Got up four times and drank a lot of water.

The next morning my foot seemed rejuvenated. I could walk without a limp, the swelling is all but gone.

My sealed body heat from my clothing and bed sheet had only two ways out. Via the neck area, which I always keep tight, and in the feet area.

A lot of water, warm blood/air pumped to/over my feet, after the cold treatment made the swelling go down, swelling go down, a pint full of blood makes the swelling …

I was glad no bone be shattered.

Not a doctor. Just a little sore. Home remedy for a bruise. Cold, hot water/blood/air, rest.

World Embassy. Should I put a sign up?

Fonds Foin; The covid is hitting the weed supply in Haiti. Less boats out there easier for the marine patrols to catch them.

Price went up one hundred fold over night. Good no one needs this stuff now. Food water and shelter are more important then beer, alcohol, tobacco, weed,and lotteries.

The amount of dirty little notes (money) changing so many hands. They sell single cigarettes here. Anyone who sells them have an open pack for single sales. The weed is wrapped up into very small pearl like balls. The wrapper touches everything as does the bill collector all the while their loving family with their children giving them a lot of hugs and kisses.

There are many who distributed the end product who did this as an income for survival. Those are the ones who are going to lose if the distribution stops. Which it should.

There are no social security nets in Haiti that would help families losing their only source of decent income. They do not even have safety nets for those that work legally.

For a country who is said to have 80% unemployment, one would never know it by the amounts of people commuting every morning and evening to another part of town to “shop or visit”?

I have no funds available for those making money only a couple of dollars for those who depended on the trade for survival. Do not apply or send to “Fonds Foin”.


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Stock Markets, non-essential service!

Which market or country will be the first to close their dirty capitalistic doors?

Start the tumble. One small or big falls and the rest will follow. Rule of Dominoes lined up.


We do not want to continue with this fake plastic lifestyle you wealthy and in control love so dear and constantly advertising-ly shower us with.

Green work is cleaning up out streets, lands, water ways, oceans, and air.

Start building ships to pick up the floating plastics instead of war machines.

Transform fishery boats to plastic clean up.

All coastal countries must contribute. The “Wealthier” the Country, the bigger the contribution.

Health over fake wealth!

Banks have to stay open. They hand out the cash your future generations are going to pay for while the wealthy keep on playing with their multiple toys and freedoms of all sizes.


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No Canadians.

Or at least very few view my/these WordPress blogs.

I suppose they do not like what I say.

It is sad in a way as I am trying to mobilize them into the 23rd Century.

Planning 100 years now would trigger the rest of the world to do the same.

As ONE PEOPLE we would leap thousands of years.

I will keep these blogs available for ten years after my death.

But a grain a sand in an ocean of information.


Fruits after shopping. Abricot, cashimen, cocoier, mangue,papaye.
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Problem with North America.

The most popular mass media is totally under the control of the wealthy. Many of the poor only watch television, read newspapers, or/and listen to the radio.

All these three are owned and controlled by those in power and the wealthy.

All the talk about now is how to get the economy rolling. Their economy without a second thought of what happens elsewhere on this planet.

We are a spoiled generation.

What was once for the wealthy only, owning a personal vehicle, cruises, traveling to far destinations, and even just flying has become normal for much of the middle class who are careful with their money. Even those said to be in poverty fly and take vacations.

It is always the latest immigrant that does the dirty, degrading, and at times dangerous work.

We have people who live their entire lives without getting their hands dirty!

Getting the economy going again as it was even a year ago still does not change the status of other people on this planet.

Being poor in North America is one thing. Poor in many other countries is worse, even deadly.

Look at what we call news. Our lifestyle, our economy, our wealth, our country, our people with little hits of foreign news. The news that do get through is often tweaked in order to make us look good and others bad. Propaganda.

People and all of nature around the world are suffering because of the G20 countries “lifestyle”. The American Dream has become the dirtiest religion on the planet.

We should be ashamed of our carbon footprints, yet the media keeps idolizing those with the heaviest feet. That keeps the wealthy where they are and the seduced in a blind coma, dreaming to do the same.

Our evolved ways are sick. Man-kind has become nothing but.

Seduction and indoctrination every where we turn.

It is not right for a family of four to live in a 10,000 square foot house while others are forced in a 600 square foot apartment. Elsewhere on this planet conditions are worse. Many have cardboard boxes for shelter, if they are lucky.

Our financial institutions are set up to ensure the “Pyramids of Wealth and Poverty” remain as is, here, and Internationally.

Life is about HEALTH not WEALTH. Health of all living creatures and ecosystems.

We have become worse then a virus, we are burning gun powder.

Nothing else to say.



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The covid-19, Alcohol Case. North America.

As “essential services” were kept open during the pandemic most Provinces and States kept the sales of alcohols and spirits open.

Reasons given: One, the already overburdened hospitals would be overwhelmed by those with alcohol withdrawal syndromes/symptoms.

Two, desperate people would resort to drinking other solutions with alcohol contents e.i. mouthwash, some antiseptics, and so on.

Three, it would encourage people to start brewing their own “moonshine”.

Of course these are not the real reason for keeping alcohol on the essential list.

The real reason is revenue. The drinks are heavily taxed by the Governments. As the personal employment tax, real estate, gas tax, and on almost everything one buys other then food not available, these funds are no longer coming in.

Governments need the money, honey!

Those who still have jobs, as restaurants and bars close, the weekly $80 they spend going out drinking on the weekend will be spent on drinking at home. They may spend a lot less but it would be quite easy to drink a lot more.

Problem here is that we may end up with a lot more alcohol related illnesses and addictions in the near and far future.

I am a regular beer drinker. Three a day is quite normal for me as anything over that number makes me sick. Not drunk. Have not been drunk in years. I could have those three daily for months on end. When, as I have done many times, stop drinking for a month or so, there is no “withdrawal” symptoms of discomforts whatsoever.

Same goes for weed! I have a few reckless nights sleep but nothing more.

To claim that the hospitals would have a surge of alcoholics arrive at their doorsteps is false.

Very few would resort to drinking other alcohol spiked products. I mean very very few.

As for the moonshine, as most stores are closed it would be hard to find the proper equipment.

Ah yes, online shopping. Well the Governments are still collecting some taxes and yes distillery equipment would still be available through these outlets unless the Governments put a freeze on particular items.

Blue stomach with black stripes. Saved him from drowning and then he bit me. Nasty fella. Could not find him online. Could anyone identify him for me. Looks like some wasp I found on the Internet. Haiti insect.

If alcohol sales were stopped under Government orders then those bars and restaurants could potentially sell their inventory at slightly inflated prices so that they can weather the storm and possibly avoid closing forever.

Help the little guy!


p.s. I do not endorse alcohol, tobacco, millionaires, or weed. The world would be better off without them.

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Quiet day tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will not use my telephone, computer, television, or do any shopping.

On Earth Day we should all use as little as possible energy.

Of course those who are running the show will podcast for hours.

Haitian Gourdes, American bucks, and Canadian dollars.

A one thousand Gourde is worth approximately twenty American dollars.

Using the root of all evil.

My plans a few months back was to have forty to fifty people over to repeat and even better what we did on August 27th of last year.

I was trying to make people in Canada celebrate in a different way. Write with whatever material one has on hand word or messages to the world.

Words like organizations who care or what ever makes people happy.

The words I wanted to use was “Stop All Wars”.

Should have done that today. Was busy as it is planting season.

Have a great Earth Day tomorrow and try not to consume energy. Mother nature needs a break.


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Pure coincidence?

My post yesterday was entitled, “settling of accounts”. Drawing attention to the moneys or wealth stashed in Offshore Accounts.

Earlier today I read an article that said that the Dutch Government would not have any bail out money available to companies who have offshore accounts.

Searching just now, the article has been lost or removed.

Earth Day around the corner!

That is two articles that was published, then removed by? U.S. government?

The other was an article in “The Guardian” written by Henrey Kissinger.

Does Trump have an offshore account?


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Issues/concerns, 2008 Canada Elections.

In 2008 I ran as an Independent Candidate in its 40th election. Here are the issues I raised at the time. As it was posted on an American site here on WordPress, it was blocked or deleted before my fellow citizens had a chance to read them.

For one must see things from an “evolutionary perspective” in order to understand.

Distribution of wealth; the uneven distribution of wealth is the biggest reason for crime and wars on this planet.

Profits on the necessities of life; our evolved ways allows profits on what is needed to survive.

The personal vehicle; this includes all combustion engine adult toys. ATVs, snowmobiles, motor cross bikes, motor boats including yachts, private planes and even lawn mowers. When we reach 10 billion inhabitants, should every person be allowed to own a personal vehicle, only the wealthy like now, or no one?

The official accredited by Government, business, and religion educated really believe that they are worth more then others. Centuries of seductions and indoctrination have worked wonders.

Every doctor who cares, diagnoses, cures, or helps his patients is worth more then any, pro athlete, actor, investor, inventor, executive, or artist.

Climate change. We cannot ignore the fact that mankind is responsible for the melting of our ice caps and other glaciers.

Pollution. We, mankind activities, are destroying all ecosystems. Air, water, land and now space.

Man caused extinction. We here in Canada are just as responsible as, the hunters who pull the triggers or the people who cut down forests in order to survive elsewhere on this planet. They want the lifestyles we have.

Governments are supposed to govern! Their evolved responsibilities seems to be one, to supply power for the wants and desires rather the needs of the people. Two to ensure our pyramids of wealth and poverty remain intact as is.

Free trade help a few get rich, others richer on both sides of the fences while having less responsibilities at the cost of the environment and peoples health.

How many paper clips in this photo? I did not count. Three days until Earth Day. Does not seem to matter now anyway.

I do not know if this will survive this time. I wish myself good luck.

Does not matter much, so few readers/followers.

I do not hold a post secondary education therefore I am ignored like most other caring people.

All my life my jobs involved serving the wealthy. Delivering newspapers at 13 whence I started buying my own clothes. Washing dishes in a restaurant, residential construction, catering food and sleeping cars on trains, post office pushing sorting mostly advertising literature and bills from companies, book store clerk and then as superintendent which was mostly cleaning up and repairing after the spoiled.

I did go to University for a couple of years. I did learn a lot yet with no paper saying that I know something worthwhile I remained in service jobs while many others, too many swam in wealth, polluting recklessly/abusively.


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Settling of accounts.

As world Governments of all other levels of governance are going bankrupt it just may be time to open up all of the bank accounts world wide to see who is hoarding how much where.

We know that the “offshore” accounts hold possibly trillions of dollars both legal and not.

Is it not time now during this world crisis to force all bank records to be open to the public?

Chrome tools. Earth Day, time of revelation.

If the world’s top leaders decide it is high time to do so then it could happen.

As it is right now, when a bank account of a Saskatchewan Farm is emptied of all its funds, let us say $31,243.66 (Canadian) by thieves, then that amount would be deposited somewhere else on this planet. Internationally it would most likely be in U.S. $.

It is time for all banks to get together in order to stop this type of activity.

Innocent law abiding citizens are being robbed every day by online thieves.

The powerful heads of states in every country must get together on this.

As for the wealthy who hide or hoard millions it could be this money to help the worlds people. Our evolved systems allows this to happen. Time to close the loopholes.

We the people, not only want this but NEED it.


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Covid Generation.

In a few years we will have the “Covid Generation” and it will be large.

If we lose 10 Million people because of this virus, the lock downs may spur a baby boom. Not necessarily in the more developed Countries, but in the poorer ones.

It may happen.

Every time I go shopping in Haiti I buy a freshly made juice. I keep the straws. They will be placed in plastic bottles used to build. Most are burned, buried on land or at sea.

I looked back at my blogs from Sept. and Oct. 2008. All the blogs pertaining to the 40th Canadian Federal Election were erased as WordPress is American owned and seen all over thew world.

We are not allowed as candidates to publish anything outside our country.

Above are three of my paid advertising back in 2008.

As you can see I’ve been trying a long time to get my messages across. Started blogging in 1999. A lot of it is lost, much I still have.

Tomorrow, as I am not running for office I will try to repeat the issues I tried to being up in Oct. 2008.


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