The “World Sports Body” …

announced today, that they will joyfully participate with the worlds green team idea.

Clean up day is every day.

Names of all celebrities in all fields will help clean up our beaches, waters, campsites, roads, parks, streets, empty lots and even help private property owners.

Green Team will multi media which celebrity will be where on which day.

One day it may be a movie star or a politician, pro athlete, influencer, billionnaire, or one of the power line workers.

3 Hour shift of community cleaning. Do not drive to these events. Local people only please.

7 days a week.

Cleaning outside our mess will take months.

In Canada after street snow ice melt.

Hockey stick is a great cleaning tool. It separates the plastics and other garbage,( without dirtying our hands or bending down) from the decomposing leaves.

Rakes Shovels Hoes

List of Los Angeles Kinks participation dates and beach location will be posted at snails pace latter this century.

all 4 2 day

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So far, mans life has been like a game of chess.

Every pawn wants to be the one that puts the King into checkmate.

When this is done it is always the bigger stronger pieces that take the credit. His/her teammates.

One day a pawn may take down both Kings at the same time.

Illegal, against the rules.

Two items found on sidewalks in Heron Park, Ottaweone, Funtario. On April Fools Day.

The mayo someone dropped it at a bus stop close to a profitable grocery store. Fresh date on it, way above freezing temperatures. No damage to packaging, seals.

I will drop it off in a food bank basket.

My next move?


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Greens, Environmentalists, Activists.




Guess who?

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I created an AI today.

April fools.

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Haiti. 50,000 Soldats de Paix requis.

Le 13 Avril 2023 une Intervention Internationale arrive a Port-au-Prince par avion.

Une personne seulement. Le Roi de la Paix Mondiale.

Il faut qu’il se rend a l’Ambassade Terre située a Jeannette Haiti.

50,000 soldats venant des trois secteur de la population; civil, bandits, et police sont requis.

Bandits et Police attacher un ruban sur votre fusil si vous voulez la PAIX.

Citoyens un ruban d’aucune couleur sur un petit bâton suffirait.

Les gens d’Haiti mes voisins, amis, familles adoptées ont assez souffert. ils perd du poids, ils deviennent de plus en plus malade.

Bandits, s’il vous plait. ARRETEZ vos conneries.

Si vous continuez cette guerre civil les forces Internationale seront forcer de venir aux pays.

Ont ne veut pas cela!

RoiGDerome Citoyen du monde.

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Wealthy have, waste. Have not, suffer.

On vacation. Enjoying myself.

Afgan Hash 45.6% THC. Canadian weed Cake Mix 26.59% THC. Beer 5.6% alcohol. Grilled old cheddar cheese on light rye bread.

People who can enjoy this, even just on weekends are rich.

On the other end many have nothing.

Peace water food shelter education health care needed in other places.

World War Zero is the cause.

Uneven distribution of wealth. Kept secured by guns owned/controlled by the wealthy spoiled.


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Not worthy.

Any country who promotes hate of another people is not worthy of being.

Ukrainian children at school are trained taught to hate Russians. It is even in their songs.

The U.S. media is negative everything Chinese, Russian, South American and African. Everything but white or what they call their “freedom & democracy” is bad.

We live in a sick world controlled and directed by spoiled ignorant heartless visionless people.

Going back to Haiti soon. Sorry if I was born white. Do not hate me for it.

Our hearts is what counts.

Hearts do not hate. It is the misdirected indoctrinated mind that is poisoned, at fault.

King of Peace

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Haitians living abroad your people need you.

There are millions of you out there, men and women of Haiti.

The Canadian Government has pledged $100Million towards your Country.

Be the International Force to come in to calm the people.

You will be housed/camped at the airport fields until enough countrymen arrive from around the world.

Canada will equip you feed you water you house you. Enter at your own risk. Welcome Home.

Uniform will be of your country colours.

Rubber bullets only are to be used. Defensive only.

Your object is to trade with the bandits and police rubber bullets for the real ones. You will be the merchants of peace.

Help your people. Contact Embassy or Canadian Army Recruitment Office or Canadian Haiti Hotline for more information.

All above caring Haitians.

Do not contact those non existing places.

Sorry for caring.

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War benefits.

Putin and his wealthy gang of dominant thugs have an added benefit coming with the war.

As over 90% of Russian soldiers are men. These wounded and dead will increase the young female to male ratio in the country.

It will create more widows and orphans. Desperation will turn many of these towards or into the meat market trades.

Prostitution and human trafficking of Russian girls will increase.

The wealthy Russian elite will have more young ladies to chose from at a lower cost.

Either to use or abuse or maybe even one day fall in love and mary.

Place your order(s) for a Russian girl(s) while the killings are still fresh! Putin needs war revenue.

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I do not want power.

Just Peace

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