Problem with North America.

The most popular mass media is totally under the control of the wealthy. Many of the poor only watch television, read newspapers, or/and listen to the radio.

All these three are owned and controlled by those in power and the wealthy.

All the talk about now is how to get the economy rolling. Their economy without a second thought of what happens elsewhere on this planet.

We are a spoiled generation.

What was once for the wealthy only, owning a personal vehicle, cruises, traveling to far destinations, and even just flying has become normal for much of the middle class who are careful with their money. Even those said to be in poverty fly and take vacations.

It is always the latest immigrant that does the dirty, degrading, and at times dangerous work.

We have people who live their entire lives without getting their hands dirty!

Getting the economy going again as it was even a year ago still does not change the status of other people on this planet.

Being poor in North America is one thing. Poor in many other countries is worse, even deadly.

Look at what we call news. Our lifestyle, our economy, our wealth, our country, our people with little hits of foreign news. The news that do get through is often tweaked in order to make us look good and others bad. Propaganda.

People and all of nature around the world are suffering because of the G20 countries “lifestyle”. The American Dream has become the dirtiest religion on the planet.

We should be ashamed of our carbon footprints, yet the media keeps idolizing those with the heaviest feet. That keeps the wealthy where they are and the seduced in a blind coma, dreaming to do the same.

Our evolved ways are sick. Man-kind has become nothing but.

Seduction and indoctrination every where we turn.

It is not right for a family of four to live in a 10,000 square foot house while others are forced in a 600 square foot apartment. Elsewhere on this planet conditions are worse. Many have cardboard boxes for shelter, if they are lucky.

Our financial institutions are set up to ensure the “Pyramids of Wealth and Poverty” remain as is, here, and Internationally.

Life is about HEALTH not WEALTH. Health of all living creatures and ecosystems.

We have become worse then a virus, we are burning gun powder.

Nothing else to say.



About epqanna, epqannaman, KingGDerome

A person who sees, cares, has, doable attainable, plans ideas Visions of a better world for all life. Global person ignored by the in power wealthy spoiled arrogant and at times ignorant and very controlling. Hiding behind their evolved words and ways. Words are mightier then the sword, only and if, they are echoed!
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