Settling of accounts.

As world Governments of all other levels of governance are going bankrupt it just may be time to open up all of the bank accounts world wide to see who is hoarding how much where.

We know that the “offshore” accounts hold possibly trillions of dollars both legal and not.

Is it not time now during this world crisis to force all bank records to be open to the public?

Chrome tools. Earth Day, time of revelation.

If the world’s top leaders decide it is high time to do so then it could happen.

As it is right now, when a bank account of a Saskatchewan Farm is emptied of all its funds, let us say $31,243.66 (Canadian) by thieves, then that amount would be deposited somewhere else on this planet. Internationally it would most likely be in U.S. $.

It is time for all banks to get together in order to stop this type of activity.

Innocent law abiding citizens are being robbed every day by online thieves.

The powerful heads of states in every country must get together on this.

As for the wealthy who hide or hoard millions it could be this money to help the worlds people. Our evolved systems allows this to happen. Time to close the loopholes.

We the people, not only want this but NEED it.


About epqanna, epqannaman, KingGDerome

A person who sees, cares, has, doable attainable, plans ideas Visions of a better world for all life. Global person ignored by the in power wealthy spoiled arrogant and at times ignorant and very controlling. Hiding behind their evolved words and ways. Words are mightier then the sword, only and if, they are echoed!
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