Health Alert; Dental

Green Count Souls;

Very few people read the instructions on their toothpaste packaging and on the tube itself.

Optic-White, if one reads the recommended instructions indicates its usage under the advice of your dental professional only. Do not use for more then six months and should not be used by children under the age of 16 (I think by memory).

We/they are selling small and large tubes of this product at your local Dollar store near you.

People buy these as regular toothpaste because of the cheap price and access.

Even my dental hygienist did not know about the warning, after she indicated that she too was using the product.

So we are allowing the masses as most do not read the labels a product that could be harming them all because someone somewhere is making a buck.

Stop playing with my children’s health!

Get the product off the shelf and issue a recall.


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