Personal manager needed.

The one year position will be my sides, in Canada, Haiti and your Country of origin. You will be responsible, or, at least informed and involved in 95% of the all facets of my life.

Regulating my/our times for all the facets of our life; financial, computer (2), house work, labour/exercise, learn/teach, love, recruitment, registration, sex, socializing, helping others, nursing the land. Building an empire, one year, one building block at a time.

Must have been born female, in and out.

As my favorite numbers are, 11 and 22, I will use those numbers for the age of the Personal Manager. No, 11 years of age is too young. If I do get applications it would have to be for a school year. I would be a guardian and the cost would be way more. Good security is expensive here.

So, 22, 33, or 44 years of age. Twenty-two I would prefer but other ages have more to offer. Noon the day after you turn 22 or 33 or 44, till noon again but on the day before your next birthday.

It is for a one year contract, unless love prevails.

Any martial arts, music, politics, nursing, or gardening/agriculture experience/knowledge a bonus. Open to all work, arts, and sciences. Must have no STDs. No medication of any kind preferred.

Your costs will be explained to you as well as future payout or shares. The cost will be minimal; 2 to 10 nights’ accommodation, food over the year, and transportation, local, and, to and from, the airport, flights.

The value of the property can only go up. Every 5 years the trees will be that much bigger and stronger. Fruit will abound. In ten their production value will skyrocket. In 20 years the hard and specialty woods will fetch even more.

English and or French a must. Haitian Creole, we will have to learn it. Other useful languages could be German, Spanish, Arabic, or Ukraine… if one replies/applies/qualifies/antes-up. No government, mob, or religious affiliated moneys please.

My five year plan or goal is to prove to the world that Haiti is a great place to live and invest. Year two, starting Jan 22nd, 2018.

Position does not open until March 1st 2018. If your birthday is on February 22nd 2018 I’ll let you slide in, giving you an extra week to be 22, 33 or 44, as one.

Send e-mail or snail mail (preferred) or both, your resume pictures (head shot, waist up, full length, in your everyday pajamas, work clothes, school clothes and Sunday best), and the top 10 reasons why you want the position.

Pretend it is a University course; on living in a poor country, living with a, “Master of Time, Visionary of a man”, learning another culture, planning a possible future for all of Mankind. The cost is way less than a University year, and so much to be learned.

For those with a dirty mind it is not about sex at all. It is about living, loving, and sharing the, all of us.

Let us nurse each other so we can nurse the planet.

Funny, in high school we all go to guidance after taking some “tests”; knowledge, aptitude, wisdom, heart, ambition, drive, hunger for money or power, leadership skills… The results spit out what kind of work or trade one is best suited for. Mine was nursing.

I; cared, did not mind physical work, was capable of learning the skills needed for that profession and so on. Had I had been any “brighter” the direction would have been that of a Doctor. At least to my kind of thinking and logic.

So, if you are a nurse or studying to be one this posting may interest you. Nurses are also human and like all other of us humans they too or at least most also have their bad habits/addictions, and/or to be needed loved satisfied fulfilled cared for watched regulated, in some way or other. Maybe love or a higher vocation then ones simple life is missing. Nursing this planet is what the rest of my life should be devoted to. You?

Life’s future will need 1,000 planet nurses (Changelings of today). Skilled with the yet finalized newer International Politics on survival and possibly evolution. Help me create this school of thought!

This job and I are not a company, profit oriented, or politically forged yet in any Country. I am a Citizen of Earth.

I am my own think tank, join me, and nurse me into what I can become. Gaia’s Husband. Dr. Earth.


WOW, the things I write! WILD   but I am very serious as well.

Jan. 13th 2018

Change that first line to read, a thirty day or one month stay! Why not! You pay no rent, only food transportation telephone and your equal share of travel expenses.

We will play husband and wife for a month. We will also have two full time Haitian staff living with us. These local hired staff will be learning your language, if different then French or Creole, as you wish. See, learn, how they do their laundry, cook their food, then by the third week you/I we wash our own clothes and theirs as well, start cooking their meals, their or our style with the ingredients at hand and available.

What a way to look for a mate. Is this the animal or the humane side of me thinking, writing and reasoning?

It will not necessarily be a first come first serve type of thing. I’ll narrow it down with the first 112 serious applications. Down to 11 maybe. Then ask one more question to answer. An instant answer then a second time, after a one week reflection period, of the same question. Length will be determined. Translation of answers in English preferred, French acceptable, Creole, and, French or English, for staffing.


Gerald 8A long time ago!

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A person who sees, cares, has, doable attainable, plans ideas Visions of a better world for all life. Global person ignored by the in power wealthy spoiled arrogant and at times ignorant and very controlling. Hiding behind their evolved words and ways. Words are mightier then the sword, only and if, they are echoed!
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