Helping Haiti

It is true that those who live there know more on how to help those affected by the hurricane two weeks ago.

Money and long term planning are the answers.

People and organizations will pour in billions of $ to rebuild along all of the ocean coasts. I see this as totally wrong. With the ongoing threat of global warming and the rise of the ocean waters, these locals are not where we should invest.

Haiti have mountains and that is where they should build and live. Further up while keeping the seashores for agricultural, livestock, fishing, and touristic activity.

There is so much potential, as many places we have to start to rebuild from scratch.

Sandbag construction is the easiest, long lasting, and most economical way to build. Of course the basins and citerns (waste storage) will have to be dug out first. That is not a hard task as the people there have pics and are always ready to work hard. These have to build. uphill where flooding is less likely to happen.

The Haitian Government should stop/halt all construction on all shores. Plan cities and relocate people higher up. This is long term thinking and planning as other hurricanes and the rise of the oceans will keep happening.

Build a nation that will last thousands of years not a few hundred!

Sandbag construction is the most cost effective with plenty of literature available on the internet in at the libraries.

If I had a few more $ I would build a few on my property, buy the land next door, build a few more and ensure that our soils remain by planting and protecting trees.

I know how, send $ pls.

Of course no one will.



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