Haiti Ouragan 2016 (Hurricane 2016)

On October 4th of 2016 I was due to catch a plane out of Haiti. The flight left Port-aux-Prince 2 days latter.

I was in Paillant (Miragoane), a locale close to the epicenter of the storm. Two days of rain and a day and a half of strong winds kept me bunked down. The roads were flooded and broken/fallen trees cris-crossed everywhere.

Bridges were also swept away. I two days late crossed a river on the main road piggy back in order to catch a plane to my daughters wedding in Canada.

The devastation is incredible. Many people lost their homes having the steel roofs blown away or crushed by fallen trees. Crops were the worst hit. 95% of the orange, grapefruit, banana and almond trees were lost. It will take another 18 months or so for the banana plantations to recover. It being one of the main staples in their diet, the misery has just begun.

Where I had a queen size bed for myself in a six (rented) room concrete house I now shared with about 40 people the 2 nights following the hurricane as they had lost close to everything.

Here are some pictures taken that day and the one following;



Tree fallen on side of house.


Lost her home but like all others, still smilling.

Millions of orange, grapefruit, almond and banana trees lost.

The misery has just begun!pic732

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