Product of the decade.

Here is a picture of what I rate to be the best product in my possession. It is a minimum of 13 years and possibly even 16 or more. I do not remember whether I brought it with me from my previous location (Ottawa) or purchased it here in Toronto.

I’ve had the “cap” replaced twice. One time purchased for $5.25 the other a customer service freebie, via the better, proper route, through Home Hardware.Pic362

Many times in the past, not so much recently (past few years) when I see the word “Cuisinart” it conjures up images and memories of “Elisha Cuthbert”.

They both start and finish with the same letters.

Going through some old photos from my old soon to be discarded computers, I found some pictures of her. The one that I like the best is the one where she is wearing a see through black lace top. She just happens to not be wearing a bra. It is the only one one can find on the net that shows her nipples.

I do have it but will not reprint it on here. She is married now and I tend to stay/sway away from those who are taken, have partners.

I had so much hope for her. She seemed so bright when she was on PMK (Practical Mechanics for Kids (I think). I was certain that she would become a doctor or scientist of some kind. Then like many others with a good head on their shoulders, she went into “acting”.

Mind you when we see actors on T.V. we at times forget that they are just reading scripts written by others.

Anyway it is time for me to part with my cherished percolator. Leaving for Haiti soon and not taking it with me.

If I do come back I know that they are still available on the market, at least for now. Some people in their twenties and even thirties have never used one. Others do not even know what they are having their parents growing up with the next trend, the drip coffee filter. Now it is another machine.

epq product of the decade, Cuisinart Percolator.




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