Not alone!

Somehow I just found an article written a couple of weeks ago. Here it is.

Same age, close to the same knee problems. I can not run much either. Probably more then him. Every time I carry anything else but this body and clothe on my back, notably up or down stairs, they get sore. Too much, lifting turning and/or carrying, I tend to get painful cramps in my lower (both) legs. That is when a very hot bath works wonder. Luckily for me that option has always, so far, been there for me.

My hands seem to be better then his. As for nerve damage, I still feel quite healthy in that department.

He has had a few knee operation. I had none other then the first fix about 40 years ago. The last time I had it (right knee) checked by a specialist a couple of years back, they told me, “no use doing it now, wait until you retire”.

As I can still walk now that I am retiring quite soon I doubt they will be willing dish out the expenses. There are more important surgeries then little old average common man me.

Are the millions of dollars he got paid for his activities worth the loss of hand usage and nerve damage?

Were the mcjobs in my life worth my now bad knee! I tried politics as they do not need good knees. I want to push a pen. Less pain, discomfort.

Maybe those in professional sports like hockey, mixed martial arts, boxing, and football should have a legislated time limit of play/participation. Something like six or eight years maximum. Just a thought.



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