TCHC -Recycle/Salvage

Toronto City Housing Corporation

Living close to Regent Park for most of my life I’ve seen many changes and still to this day it is changing. I’ve witnessed the change from the metal framed windows to the aluminum ones. Now that the old buildings are being torn down the “newer” windows are destroyed.

Would it not make sense or feasible to re-use them if possible. Of course they are not the best in this type of climate but there are other areas on the planet where they can be used.

Haiti to be more precise. If salvageable would it not make more sense to do so, for them to be installed/used elsewhere.

Here are some pictures of the demolition now in progress.

The Glass ends up in the dump, buried somewhere in Ontario and the aluminum (possibly) melted down and reshaped into the same or other products.

Of course time is money. Salvaging takes time as more care is needed. Money is the last thing the city or anyone has a surplus of.

I myself am willing to put in one day a week over the next few months to help with such a salvaging project. I would also buy myself some steel toed boots/shoes, a reciprocal saw/blades, hard hat and gloves, and help load the or a shipping container(s).

As the Federal Governments commitment to help less fortunate countries like Haiti, they too could help fund this what I think could/would be a worthwhile project.

Once there, the windows would have to entrusted to an NGO to sell (at a low cost) and distribute. (I could start one myself as I plan on moving there soon)

Many if not most houses away from the big cites there have but wooden panes which do not block out the at times dangerous insects, keep in the heat on cool nights, or dust during the drought season.

Is this not a bad idea! Do we have to hire an engineer to determine whether these are worthy of being used for another 20 to 30 years under different climate conditions? That would mean a three month wait for an official decision and report costing $221,100 or more! Is this not how things work here in the civilized world. Pay the educated to make decisions.

There are another 8 or so buildings left standing some of which have six floors. That makes for over 1,122 windows available. The smaller ones are best as many of the homes are just that small.

Even one container could/would help

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