Wild dream(s) or nightmare(s)?

Nov. 15, 2015 A.M.

  1. It all started quite innocently with four or five of us (more them) sitting around in a bedroom playing with some furry friends. There were two single (or twin) beds at least.

The three or four young ladies were playing with a mother cat and her three very young kittens. For some reason I was kind of standing there nearby watching them and the animals. One was a closer friend and slightly older then the other three.

At first the mother cat was very aware and watchful of her children. Being distracted,  by the attention and play at the head of one bed.  She eventually lost sight of them as they wandered off. Still nearby but around the corner of the foot of the other. Now that I think of it there was at least one other bed, toe to toe, thus leaving a space for passage (or play).

My better acquainted friend and another or two had the full attention of mom meow. The young ones were playing  at the base of a blanket on the floor at the, toe to toe space/area. Somehow they ended up behind the blanket which for some unknown reason was held up. Either by myself or another(s) as we were observing and playing with them. Yes, I was playing with the kittens!

Without warning the mother cat realized that her offspring were nowhere to be seen. She panicked and frantically with lighting speed started to seek them. Panic turned into fear it seems. Then I myself knew to step out of the way as she started to bounce around the area where she was but a moment ago enjoying herself.

She heard them and rushed over to find them. One thirty second time span lasted a long time. She was but a blanket thickness away from them. She on her hind legs her paws at the top of the held blanket searching straight ahead, left, right, left right, but not looking down could not spot or see them.

The kittens somehow ended up under one of the twins, the one behind her. I have no idea as how they got there as they were at the other side of the blanket but moments earlier. She must have heard them as she quickly turned around and bolted to retrieve them. What happened next I’ll never forget.

She reached in under the bed and caught one of her babies by the throat, dragged her out and bit down hard on its, neck and throat, and killed it instantly. She proceeded like a wild animal to do the same to the other two. That was right before our shocked eyes.

I do not know whether it was the smell of our hands on the kittens that did it or in her hyper elevated state did not know what she was doing.

My friend and the others screamed at the horror. She then looked at me and screamed at me to get out over and over again. Somehow seemingly blaming me for the bad turn of events. Before I knew it were in the hallway and me heading towards the door.

She was in pain and agony and crouched to the floor onto her knees. Not yet in tears she was. Maybe that is why she wanted me to leave so as not to see her cry. I refused to leave.

I turned around got down on my knees and reached my arms around her and blurted out in tears, “I witnessed it too!”. She in shock at my behaviour stopped shooing me away and also began to cry. The other two or three got down and joined us.

My guess was that she was not comfortable to shed any tears while I was there. Best friends, mostly girls know, talk, and do things that is not shared with “casual friends”. When I led the pouring all changed.

The girls in the first part/segment of this dream were not anybody I know as they had no faces of/in my present real life. Mind you it can be an animal loving acquaintance at an orphanage in Haiti.

That ended and another began.

Time for breakfast….

2) Will, property, health (kidney/liver), teeth, lower limbs

Walked by a barrister/notary office yesterday. Tried the door. It was locked. Been seriously thinking that now that I own some property I should write up a will.

3) My health is not it used to be. My two lower limbs are not what they once were. Wear and tear from play (sport) and physical work has done them in. Tore ligaments in one knee and both ankles in the past, going way back to high school. Over 40 years ago!

Now every time I carry any weight up or down flights of stairs or walk up or down hills, pain move is. The worst is when cramps seep in latter at night. That is when a very hot bath comes in handy. This apartment buildings temperature, supply and reliability is excellent. Here I am buying a property located on a hill! Go figure.

My teeth are horrible due to childhood neglect more then anything else. Since my last visit to the dentist a couple weeks ago all of my ivory ware seem to be susceptible to hot and cold food temperatures. Been very lucky as many others have had this problem for most of their lifetime.

For the first time in my life a couple of weeks ago I had a pain attack in my right side lower rib area. Either my liver or gall bladder or whatever else is down in that area. Had an ultrasound and now waiting for an MRI (or is it MIR). There is definitely something afoul there.

One week two small pains then a big one just when I was about to have lunch with my daughter. Rushed over to a clinic for an ultrasound.

Now two weeks latter after a quiet spell it came back this week. Faintly but still there. Have to call again to get that appointment. Hospital machine is backed up, as well as, their appointment bookings.


Can be serious, then again hopefully not. Planning to retire from Canada and move to Haiti within half a year does not help the situation.

Something “snapped” in my right wrist a few weeks ago, very sensitive now. Shook hands with someone not too long ago and did I ever feel it. It happened while just closing my hand. Carrying bags from the grocery stores brings pain to my elbows and knees of course.

What a joy to live longer then most people that have ever walked on this planet! Living a life of royalty for close to 60 years. Always water (hot and cold), food, shelter, employment, health care, entertainment available. So lucky I am, have been, we are while others fade away so much sooner.

As no will is yet concocted I have to say that I leave all that I have to my three adult (and only) children.

Property, private road, and house foundation only, and a few $ in three bank accounts, two in Canada one in Haiti also exists.

Did not publish this until now, a couple of weeks latter.

That was the 3 part dream. The kittens, my health, and will. The first part the nightmare one.


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