Ring of Fire Ontario

An area with a high quality and density of,  precious metals and minerals is in the planning/development stage. It will be done as long as Mankind will survive. Whether it be in 10, 20 or 40 years, it will be developed.

Here is one interview from CBC radio linked to the issue. Heard another one yesterday morning.


Chromite is used to make Stainless Steel. If processed here then all of the steel can be utilized/used here. We can build our new car-less cities with it. One or more near the new plants and processing centers.

One person mentioned that the supply of chromite will last 30 to 40 years then the “industry will dry up. After that there will be no more jobs!” Well, when Toronto was first established it was fur, fish, wood/pulp and agriculture! Is it still not here today despite loosing all of those industries?

It/they/we will/would need fuel, railway (3 or 5 parallel lines), highway (optional),water processing plant, city/industry infrastructure,

Do can we work a 25/10 instead of a 24/7 schedule? Everyone works a straight 4 hour shift. 1/2 hour before and after ones next 5 hour designated “doing” slot. All this has to do with epqtime. Sorry getting ahead of myself.

What I am trying to say is that The Americas can handle or will/can have an influx or increase of one billion people within the next 20 to 100 years. Building this or these new cities should be planned without any personal or any vehicles as we are doing today.

Stainless steel outer shelled cities we can build. Let us not have an open-pit but a covered one. Do we run exclusively on electricity? Why can we not develop some kind of controlled digging snake or worm that will do the digging instead of trucks and scoopers.

Cities will be built to withstand rising waters, gale force winds, and earthquakes. Bee hive like working and living. All LED lighting.

A low pollution zone, we recycle our water, no individual packaging, no smoking/drugs, controlled alcohol/soaps/cleaning supplies, no beauty supplies, only allow equivalent of body weight ownership baggage.

Then when the chromite is all gone we will build our next city underground in that vast man-made cavern. Ah, we the lemmings to be without any loss of health or life.

Better to spend $1 Billion on northern development then a subway to Scarborough!

This is the same kind of reasonning used in my Keystone Pipeland blog a little while back.

Real politics is about planning our real possible future or evolution as we see or want it to be.

The “Ring of fire” deposits belong to all of the worlds people and should be developed with all of their consents. If the diggings are to be like the Alberta tar sands then it must not go ahead.


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