Wealth; Time, Space, Resources

This is a re-cap of some previous buried post on here or possibly no longer found on the Internet.  I like to mention, write and/or say that  “the uneven distribution of wealth is the main cause of most wars, revolutions, sickness/death, extinction, and crime we Mankind are involved in” without clarifying the definition of the word “wealth”.

Wealth is having the time, space, and, resources to be healthy in a prosperous environment!

TIME  Everyone and everything on this planet and beyond is involved with it. Friction arises between people as not everyone has the same luxury with its involvement/interaction. We as a species now spend this “commodity” in many different ways. Work, leisure(play/art/sport/socializing), sleep, education, and travel are amongst the most common ones.

Some people have the luxury to spend it as they please for most of their lives while others have no choice at all. 

Not only is the time one has to (or not) work but the type of work also plays a big role in brewing up friction between people.  

For much of the so-called civilized world ones “education time” seems to end with the formal learning establishments (Governments, Religion, Business) involvement/teachings. We tend to ignore or recognize that we learn every day that we are alive, or, at least as having the opportunity to! Learning never ends.

SPACE Living area, population density, weather/climate, access to nature, pollutions, mobility restrictions, all have to do with space and our health.

Living downtown I am always swimming in these following pollutions; air, noise, vibration, heat, and light.  Not much choice as it is close to where I work. There are places where less of these irritants, can be found but then I would have to commute thereby contributing or taking in more of  the very pollutions I would be trying to get away from!  Public transit pollutes more than walking as I do now and cycling I would be breathing in rush hour car fumes at a higher rate.

Around the clock noises are from a nearby highway and streets, streetcars, commuter and freight trains, and sirens from various emergency services. From six in the morning to one or later in the A.M. the next, they have become the constant white noise in my life.

Street and other neighbourhood building lights can never let my apartment, balcony, or myself see the dark of night. Of course I can take a trip out of the city! Still with these constant lights and the air pollutions I rarely see a clear sky and the magnificent stars above.

Within our spaces of living we also have lands and waters. They too have become polluted, not only here but in every single corner of  the planet. We Mankind are the main cause.

What is scarier than knowing that we are responsible for the planet’s destruction is that those in power are ignoring this known fact. They are too busy with their own selfish lives and lifestyle. 20th Century teachings have not taught them to look forward in the future but rather concentrate on their present time and surrounding spaces.

RESOURCES Too many of the spoiled people have no clue as to how lucky they are to always have the basic necessities of life, water, food, shelter and then some, like health services, power (electricity/fuel/communication) and education available to them all of their lives. Many people still to this day, over a dozen years into the 21st Century on this planet do not even have the basics.

In the meantime others are sick and dying faster than the lucky ones that hoard, waste, and, abuse resources as they please.

In Project 10 Billion the aim or goal is for us, all of Mankind from all corners of the planet to plan an even distribution of the above known mentioned wealth.

Every person should have a choice on how one spends his fair or equal share of wealth! If ones demands or desires more space then she/he would have less “quality” time or resources! If it is resources the demand then space could be sacrificed!

At the moment the unfair and unjust distribution of wealth is not even a topic on any of the bigger or more powerful Government in powers agenda.

This has to be done! Without it we will be doomed sooner as the planet’s destruction walks hand in hand with the unfair and unjust distribution of wealth.

The military, economic and even religious wars must all end.

The first step may be as simple as all Countries agreeing on which Star will be the first for us to try to reach. We cannot bring our wars out into space as the most powerful are now planning and doing.

We the people means every single human being on this planet.


p.s. They say that the word is mightier than the sword but when words are kept locked up, silent, hushed, the other animal one always wins.

About epqanna, epqannaman, KingGDerome

A person who sees, cares, has, doable attainable, plans ideas Visions of a better world for all life. Global person ignored by the in power wealthy spoiled arrogant and at times ignorant and very controlling. Hiding behind their evolved words and ways. Words are mightier then the sword, only and if, they are echoed!
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