CBC The Current; Womans Sexuality.

Listened to most of the broadcast this morning. Got tired of listening to the pop and oldies radio stations. It was a nice change to listen to news and comments from various people instead of repetitious songs musical notes tunes, and screaming singers.


One of the panelist used the word “signals” in one of her statements. Of course with that comes others like, fashion, intent, perception, and interpretation.

Madonna was mentioned as one who may have started this trend but is far from true. In my lifetime the marketing of movie stars like Rackel Welch is still clearly implanted and remembered from the 2000 B.C. poster. Then there were others like Olivia Newton Johns skin-tight pants in Grease. Before then they had pin-up girls dating back as far as WWI. with “This is what we are fighting for” message.

They briefly talked about the boys and mens views on this, “exposed sexuality” by young and now even older stars of music and movie. Of course all straight (and others) men love to see as much as the girls/ladies/women are willing to show. I myself must admit I love the female human body. It is part of who I am.

Some girls are fools for fashion at a very young age and will copy or try to imitate whatever their divas dare to wear.  In those circumstances they (there) may be pure innocence. Many or other times it is simply peer pressure. My friends are wearing cut off t-shirts, exposing their midriff,  and super short shorts and I must comply in order to be with the in-crowd!

As they get older other ‘intents” may appear. To be noticed by the opposite sex! To be the most popular, looked at, viewed, and talked about girl in the hood or school. They want to become the local diva. 

Perception and interpretation are the guy (lesbian) thing that I would like to bring up. Some of my statements may be from how I feel or see things but rest reassured that I am not alone. Do not call me disgusting or say that I am way out of line. I am what society has made me.

When I see a young girl who shows off all the skin that she legally (or parent(s) allow) display and the rest of her clothe is so tight that we can distinguish every single curve my understanding is that she loves being the center of attention, being looked at, and even as far as even looking or a possible partner for pleasure (boy/man..girl?). If the girl is a tween and does not know any better than she may be innocently and inadvertently sending the wrong message. Again it is perception and interpretation!

If the girl has had a few years in a “grown-up” body (boobs) then too much exposure may give others like myself a wrong signal, or, interpretation from my perception. We may see their intent as looking for someone or as having tried sex and loving it. This comes down to the “slut” remarks from a few months back. Dress like a slut then you should/may/deserve to be treated like one!

Actually this above is not what I wanted to write about today at all. What I wanted to point out is how much of an Animal we Humans still are!

Watching National Geographic last night episode on earth’s Great Migrations there was a segment on elephants. They filmed a “teen” elephant who had just given birth in a very harsh climate. The baby elephant died. The young elephant was probably too young to give birth anyway they said or remarked.

After the death a bull elephant was said to have mistaken the recent birth fluids with that of estrogen or whatever chemical they give off that excites the males. It is time to mate juice. The bull wasted no time in pushing/leading her into the bush for some of his juices, love-making. Here we have a signal that was wrongly interpreted, or was it? Animals get signals from prospective mates all of the time.

We humans like many other mammals no longer seem to follow these signals. Any time is matting time for us.

Perception and interpretation of signals from smell, dress, eyes, facial, and body movement. It is easy to spot who makes love on a regular basis by how they walk, talk and act, but mostly the glow, smile and laugh!

In the wild if a young female horse wonders from her mother or herd often the first stallion to spot her alone will hump her. Not much different for wild dogs or cats.

We are not that much different.

Rape is one of the ugliest crimes on the planet. If I were forced to do so and had the choice from one (those) who wear next to nothing (most of the time for show) or those who dress conservatively I would choose one from the first group. Kind of a sick situation or comment but it is somewhat somehow true. Would I rather die or lose my manhood instead? I would not rather pounder or think on that one!

If one is going to a “club” to party, dress accordingly but not the same clothe when you are going to the grocery store! Even on hot summer days, there is a difference between dressing for the weather and over-exposure.

 Admitting that we are still very much Animal is a hurdle we must admit if we are to move forward in our evolution.


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A person who sees, cares, has, doable attainable, plans ideas Visions of a better world for all life. Global person ignored by the in power wealthy spoiled arrogant and at times ignorant and very controlling. Hiding behind their evolved words and ways. Words are mightier then the sword, only and if, they are echoed!
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