Basketball All-Star Grant ($500K) Investment or Gift?

For a Provincial Government that always seems to be cash strapped for people’s basic needs and services one wonders why such a Grant to one of the wealthiest sports empire on the continent would be given.

Of course the All-Star game will bring in a large revenue to the City of Toronto and Province. The monies given and then some will quickly be returned to their coffers via the Taxation route.  Hotel, restaurants, airports, car rentals, escort services, *prostitutes/drug suppliers, alcohol consumption, taxis, employee salaries, and souvenirs (made in China) will do a brisk business. In that sense it is a kind of investment.

Even without any form of  grants, any city hosting an All-Star game in any professional sport would benefit. There are many wealthy basketball fans from all around the world that will descend onto the city. Some for one night, others for a weekend. No need to advertise either as it is most likely already sold out.

Do not be surprised to see a few elected Government officials at the game!

The employees themselves will not get an increase in salary for this event but will get more “working hours” for one evening.

In the end 100% of the grant will eventually show up on their (Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment Group) paper works bottom line giving the owners, investors more income (profit).

It is sick to see. The Government should put its head in the sand out of shame. It is betraying the people of the Province.

I am sure that the Maple Leaf Sports Empire could/would have snagged the games without the grant.

Developing and older girls, and young ladies, be careful, as these types of events bring in many a characters that when soaked in/with alcohol, weed, or harsher drugs, do not hear or understand the words “NO” or “STOP”.  If out partying keep an eye on your drinks at all times! Make sure someone knows who you are with and where you are.

It is unfortunate that Sports events, and other venues like this, gives too many a people an excuse to drink in excess!

* They may not directly pay any form of taxes but they and their Pimps where ever they come from will also have to be transported, eat, and be lodged somewhere within the city.




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