Legalize pot?

Here is an article about the subject;

There are quite a few factors involved with this topic, from growing, licensing, distribution, control, and health effects, just like tobacco and alcohol.

Funny how they do not mention or compare weed to/with tobacco but with alcohol mostly. Weed is much more like tobacco as it is a plant by-product that in most cases is smoked rather than fermented along with added ingredients then drank. The lungs are the first and hardest hit where as alcohol burdens primarily the digestive system and related organs. Unless you bake cook with your weed!

Both if not all three affect the whole body as well as their by-products travel via the blood system and reaches every nook and cranny.

I admit that I have been a regular active user for quite some time now. My first real involvement started in my University days. While in high school I did not have the faintest desire to smoke it. Before than alcohol, but for a few years, was my choice for reaching or attaining other altered states of mind and body.

Its availability was always there since my grade school days! In high school I went the athletic/jock way. University changed everything. Enough about me.

As I’ve written before “if tobacco is to remain legal and available to all of age who choose to smoke, consume it in various ways then Marijuana should also be!”.

We all know that tobacco causes considerable harm to the body yet because of the “Free Market” and Capitalism fundamental operating ways, we can not question its production and distribution.

In movies like “American Beauty”, and in the real world, there exists two groups, what the masses consume and then the top grade “engineered” stuff.

Being one of the masses it is real hard to find a consistent good quality product. The THC levels always differ and some of the stuff is more like dried hay rather than anything else. One buys a small quantity of great product. You then dish out with anticipation for a larger quantity but the next batch is nothing but garbage. The THC is so low or non-existent that the only effect on one’s body is no different from tobacco. Of course, not like other products one does not have a legal recourse to pursue.

Some of the stuff I’ve come across I call or label “end cut” because of its close smell to the products used to pressure treat wood. Sprayed on?

Other tricks, not much different then the chemical additives used in tobacco I’ve heard is growing the product with the fumes of engines exhaust. Mind you there are many various types of fertilizers out there originating from who knows where. A lot of our compost we put out onto the curbside which includes pet poop is cooked and sold back to us after fermentation. Of course like many humans many of these pets are given/taking drugs.

Picked up leaves often contain residue (oil, gas..) from the automobiles are also composted to make fertilizer. We get to indirectly smoke and eat (food as well is grown in it) our own shit!

If Governments were to get involved they would regulate the THC levels just like they do alcohol. Type A called “epq joint ” would be set at 10% THC while “Tooba Fag” would be closer to 12%. Of course companies would also add their addictive chemicals as well! The wealthy would have access to the 25% stuff!

The now wealthy and tobacco companies with their lawyers and political friends would of course be given first opportunity to grab control of the new market. What else is new!

NO I say do not legalize it but rather concentrate on, as well as tobacco, to get it off the market altogether World Wide! We owe our children at least that much! It is bad enough that we add produce chemical laden altered air, foods, and drinks for them to poison themselves with, live in!

In the meantime being a weak human like yourself it would be nice to see some limit and control on personal consumption. I like others should not have more the two joints on our days off. None if driving and none at all during “work” days. Mind you some people play (pretend work) and/or just sit around all day and get over-paid for it!

Note that like every other hood and city in North America I always have many available sources and places to procure it. From restaurants, schools, street, bars…

So what if Mini Trudeau tried it, so has most of the adult and teenage, some pre-teen and child population. In some countries we can easily find six and eight year olds smoking it in the streets!


About epqanna, epqannaman, KingGDerome

A person who sees, cares, has, doable attainable, plans ideas Visions of a better world for all life. Global person ignored by the in power wealthy spoiled arrogant and at times ignorant and very controlling. Hiding behind their evolved words and ways. Words are mightier then the sword, only and if, they are echoed!
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