Labour Day Walk RedHead

Again like on many others of these Project 10 Billion walks I brought along my camera. Took 22 pictures with three of them being of young ladies (not girls) backs without them knowing.

The Red Head being refered to is not included. She is etched into my memories only, not digital or in any other way. How she (her body and dress) appeared/looked from 15 feet away, then passing within two feet and then from 15 feet ahead of her.

There are many who know who this young girl is. With very little effort she could easily be found. There are only so many middle schools in the/that neighbourhood. My close to precise description of her as well as her unusual hair colour would be like finding a plastic like sized hammer in a hay stack!

First spotted her as I was going southbound approaching the North-West corner of Pape & Danforth nearing the end of my 25 mile route walk. She and her friend were facing southbound waiting for the red light to end and the green one to initiate/ignite/burn.

Her long mid to lower back shoulder bone fluffy length loose hair handled freely at the winds manipulating fingers. Nice to see no sticky suff added onto her scalp. The long strands were divided into three groupings; one over her right shoulder, 50 to 60 percent over her  back and the other over her left front.

The three did a good job of hiding her nice little handfuls, now in their third or fourth season  of growth. Her light blue coloured t-shirt surprisingly suited her well, considering the colour of her hair. It was not a deep red but rather one with a light brown tone mixed in. A decent pair of black shorts. Decent meaning not too tight, old, dirty, revealing, or short as often found/seen on those who try to stand out.

No, she was not trying to stand out. She dressed to blend in not stand out.

She still had girly hips and legs, igniting the desire in the animal in me to be the one to help change that. From what I could see, still did not see her facial features I would peg her at about or soon to be fourteen years of age.

It was hard to get a peak of her face as it would have been quite obvious to her and her friend (male of same age). I passed them one half a block south from Danforth while they had paused for one reason or another. While over-taking them she had her back turned to me making it hard for me to see her facial and breast size features. Proportions and age are always nice to see, notice.  Mind you I did deduct that she was growing/filling in well. Nice shoulder size. May have done some or involved in some regular swimming or other sport.

Once passed them I did turn around two or three times to try to decipher the features and age of her face. Could not quite do it!

They turned right on the third or fourth street off Pape south of Danforth. She must live in that area. Should you or someone send me more info.?????? Tell her that I noticed and wrote about her! And YES would love to give her an epqcounter less on even if she is older then thirteen!  

She was the catalyst of my, this mornings fantasy. In my dream which always turns out being my only real heaven, she, like all the other thousands of my past, totally fell in love with my mind, heart, and body.

Like my other successful imagined conquests I was easily able to make her pass out by making her cum several times during our first hour of love-making. No, penetration was not necessary!

Is it so bad to dream of making love to a teen girl? Do not most men have the same thoughts but keep them secret as they are a taboo like homosexuality was or still is in some circles/Countries/Religions.

I bet you that many priests, teachers, politicians, and Masters of all kinds of arts dream the same way! Many do it for real and get away with it! It is still part of our animal side within.

Do not the animal in most men dream of those they have yet to do rather than the already done! 

Still again, this 21 st Project 10 Billion walk has yet to notice a follower or foe!

Maybe I’ll get hate mail or phone calls from this redhead’s parents, classmates and friends! Then again so few read my blogs that this will never get out.

Then one day, on her fourth or fifth regularly scheduled visit, without any advance notice, she brought along her eleven year old sister. Just starting to bud with very noticeable reactive rising nipples, hair/skin colour same as her a little older sister, and best of all just as sexually curious, responsive, and devoted to me as her sister was.

Another student.


3:22 PM . above was at posted 11:00 AM

She was not the only girl/lady worth mentioning. About a half mile further north on Pape Ave. south of Mortimer I passed another young developing girl of about the same age. She was walking northbound with three boys her age and younger.

She had a brown short “bob” hair cut. Two or three inches past the ears, not quite shoulder length. Wearing a black T-shirt with close to a full dark frontal design/emblem of some possibly band or group. Could not quite make it what it said or represented.

Walking two side by side she was behind the front twosome. Could not quite see all of her until I was real close and passing.

Her body was just as or as far developed as the Red Head. Nice little hanfuls. Close to the same age as well. Her friends were all slightly smaller than her.

Her shirt was of a nice fit, not too tight as to see all the curves or loose to have the wind ruffle it when at work. Her shorts seen from behind did not fit her that well. Might have been cut off shorts or just stretched from the summer activities. Her exposed skin colour was nicely tanned. Smile, just as beautiful as most young ladies when happy.

No, she did not smile because she saw me, of which I constantly dream of, wish for. No, she was chatting with her friends.

Wish I had a camera fitted onto my head, belt or shirt! Then I would walk around and spit out all of my observations as I went along. Again like the other young lady/girl her hips and legs had yet shown any sign of being filled in. She was a little wider (more developed/mature) then the other! Again 13 or 14 years of age.

Yes, I do look and wish to be with girls of that age! To be their Master (of Time) teacher, guide.

Those boys do not know how lucky they are to be in the company of such a treasure! One or two may have been brothers. I did not take time to notice them as much.

I try to wear sun glasses when walking. This way the girls/ladies do not see or notice where my eyes are directed or focused on. Without them the females of all ages and walks of life avoid looking at me all of the time. Never get to see them eye to eye. When I wear them many brave the eye on eye when passing.

In front of the City TV building the on the North-East corner (opposite where the Speakers Corner booth was) was another close to “10” young girl/lady. She was with what looked like her parents and younger brother. Both parents were not too tall or big.

The girl was wearing a grey T-shirt like most/many as it was a hot day. Had a great peak or viewing angle when up close and passing. Could see the shape of her right nipple tip protruding through her brassiere and shirt. Nice to see. We tend to see less and less of that these days. Even the Sunshine Girls pose in these big heavy weight spongy bras with not an inkling of where or how big their nipples are.

Another worth mentioning but for a different reason was along Queen St. West, West of Spadina. She was a lady (20 something) not a Changeling or young teen. She had a petite figure with a very, how would I say it, fluid presentation. Her low-cut dress exposed the top part of her breasts for all to see. It was not the exposure but rather the effect of how she walked that caught my eyes. Her breasts did not jiggle/wabble at the same time as some do but rather in a cycle or wave from one to the other taking turns shaking the inner fluids. Pump up bra for sure. Still very nice to see. I thank her for the show.

No “10” police-woman at the Spadina and Queen intersection like a picture I took last year or the one previous. Again ran into the “Labour Day Parade”. A bit ahead I was then the last few years. It either started  a little later or I was earlier or walking faster!

Not as many smokers this time around. Nice to see. Maybe the Auto Workers were not stationed on Queen St. this time. They were the worst the past few years running. Maybe they were told to butt out!

Two young University aged girls/ladies on Bathurst just South of Harbour. One was close to a ten, on the outside anyway. They entered one of those rooming houses on Bathurst, # 675 I think. North of the pear tree!

Some of those properties on Bathurst look like shit. Unkept, dirty.

Sept. 2nd 2013 P10B Walk 002 How could the city tell apartment building owners to redo their balconies while some of these houses look so bad?

Picture; Homeless woman/lady corner of Queen one block East of Youge St. by St. Joseph Hospital. Viva Capitalisms successes!


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