Haiti for tourists?

Here is a link found this morning on MSN made by the BBC.


Of course Haiti is a great place for tourists. I know. I’ve been there, done that.

There are things would be tourists would have to understand first. Fresh food, clean water, fuel and electricity are not always available. In Port-au-Prince and in much of the countryside there is a lot of litter or garbage laying about.

As there is no official garbage pick-up, much of it is burned. This has been going on for generations so do not blame the now living. There is an effort to change people’s ways/attitudes/habits but it will take time.

Like much of the modern developed nations who build resorts or industry in poor countries, much of the real profits do not trickle down to the masses as much as it could/should. Owners operators will live a lifestyle of millionaires while the majority end up slaving for pittance. Mind you what we se as pittance to them may be a lot. As time goes on, these arrangements do end up going sour.

In the article the reporter said that it takes people with certain education to understand what is going on. What an arrogant prick. How dare he indicate, mention that some people who can afford such a trip may not be “educated” enough. He should be fired or given lessons in the humanities!

 Bringing in thousands of tourists would reduce the availability of fresh food, water, power and fuel to the local people. There has to be long-term coordinated planning on how things are to be built.

Knowledge of French, Spanish (depending on area), or Creole does help but one, as many have, can get by with English only.

Before one visits one must understand the monetary systems used and the value of goods available on the streets and shops. The ignorant are robbed with a smile. One can easily pay $10 for something that is found at $4 elsewhere down the street. Bargain and barter.

p.s. It is a great place to invest as it has a lot to offer.

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