M: City of pigs. Pays de cochon.

M: Thousand, Mille (French) represented in Roman Numerical system, or, nor like an “S” as in Superman.

I had almost wasted my Thousandth Tweet on a Toronto Sun Sunshine Girl, their rating, or their photographic set ups. Of course over the past week or two, many or their shootings were worthy of commenting on. Just happened to check my Tweet number in time.

City of pigs; Ignorance is the biggest cause on the mess/filth we are creating on how we garbage as opposed as to how we are supposed to garbage. Within hours of cleaning up a walkway already four or five pieces of garbage show up. Cigarette packaging (and inserts), drink containers (soft drink, coffee, juice), transit transfers, junk mail, asian newsprint, KFC packaging, plastic bags by wind, …

Within the buildings, garbage and mail rooms, hallways, garage and disposal areas are not well-managed or kept at all by its inhabitants, owners, or city services. It is quite obvious that the system has to be revamped. Should video how it should/could be done by all in this building first then the other two complexes and co-op, Condo, and Street in our little corner.

Should buy a small van or covered pick-up truck to compact cardboard bales from those in the hood buildings/business to a clean transfer station. Also to be used as our RHH delivery van. We can also have a plastic shredder for every other or available week/day.

The City of Toronto has a multilingual web site. People should be told/shown where and how to search. Internet cafe abound and are not expensive. Search your name and others in the hood. You will find al kinds of people. From the pure innocent to the biggest and darkest of evils depending on how one looks at things.

Pays de cochons; je parle de Haiti, mais comme ici c’est l’ignorance et les manques de service, qui salie nos, sol air et eau, plus qu’autre choses. Parmis nos efforts Humanitairien ont devrait aussi aider a netoyer ce que l’homme moderne a declencher sur vos terre. Vos exportations devrait aussi inclure tous ce qui est recyclabe. C’est a dire, les plastiques, papiers, verre, cartons, a moins vous avez deja ces industries en marchent avec/venant du pouvoir nette.

Ces energie peuvent etre utilisez ailleurs/differament.

Les gens sont toujours si propre mais leurs paysages et la ville de Port-au-Prince sont tres sales. Quelque habitudes/normes des gens ne se fait pas dans une societe avancee. C’est un embarassement et il me semble une hypocrasie. Combien d’energie est depenser/consumer pour faire repasser tous les uniformes de classe a touts les jours? Les fer prennent beaucoup du courant. Asseyez une “semaine fripper” a tous les ecoles du pays. Voyez vos disponiabiliter volumes de courant augmenter.

Encore ici comme a Toronto ont devrait avoir un/des vehicules “shredder”, transport de/ pour les plastiques et papiers. Donc dans mes reves, mon contenant allant a Haiti, il y aura une camionette ou deux avec les/des shredder, une trentaine de bicyclette, skate boards, batmingon, ballons, des ordinateurs, services satelites, pannaux solaire/batteries si legal/possible, generaeurs (deux), petit/grand, des outils, kit de conversion du contenant, agricole/reparations, des vieux livres, bouteilles vides(?), tous mes concrets, clotures, tentes…

The thousanth, le millieme! Should I get a new shirt with, next Toronto-Center MP epqanna printed on the back. Front KingGDerome@Twitter.com

My 25 mile by-annual walk is coming up soon, next week. June 25th every year, counter clock-wise.

With all that said it is a constant supply of healthy fresh food and clean water that is needed more then anything else in Haiti. Even if all of the population were rich in hard cash it is the lack of food that remains the problem. Do I bring along bags of rice and beans also on my container?


About epqanna, epqannaman, KingGDerome

A person who sees, cares, has, doable attainable, plans ideas Visions of a better world for all life. Global person ignored by the in power wealthy spoiled arrogant and at times ignorant and very controlling. Hiding behind their evolved words and ways. Words are mightier then the sword, only and if, they are echoed!
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