Toronto Maple Leafs SC1 key charity/donation bid.

We have at our store (Royal Home Hardware)only 5 or 6 SC1 Toronto Maple Leaf painted keys remaining all for sale at $3.99 each. I was thinking that maybe we could sell them to the 5 or 6 highest bidders with the proceeds (over list)going to one of the following 11 charities or “causes” chosen 50% by those top bidders and 50% by all of the other bidders.

I am not affiliated with that hockey team or any of its offshoots/links in any way. No, I did not ask their permission either. This is between me and the people willing to give/donate/help, wheather just a MLF fan, generous, or one of the 118,000 millionaires, or 1,184 multi-millionaires or one of the five billionaires in Hogtown or Toronto to be more precise. No I have no desire to join that most often arrogant selfish and/or ignorant too spoiled group who also control the medias, masses, police/army, and Governments.

Bids will be received electronically with registration numbers received with a purchase of one other reguar SC1 key (or similar temporary replacement cut key (rain checked)). I am a dreamer. I do not have the tech. knowledge to do that. I need a young single healthy techy/texty school girl by my side and/or volunteer communications employee. And someone else to keep/watch the books in a legal registered way (may be loder then school with certificates).

The lowest of the five or six, maybe even four, key value bid will be updated aqas (as quickly as possible).

There will be 11 Charities/Donation to vote for in a one to ten priority or preference. Two are my own, new ones most have directly never heard about/of.

1) Becca, Orphelina du Bon Berger. Acahaie, Haiti.
Private ownership;, 20 Orphans average age 7, large plantation lot, 12 foot fences, 11-12 to a large sleeping quarter room, plenty of clothe old archaic school supplis and education, said to be in the red by $2,000 per month (food/salaries(teachers driver cook administrator labourer (nned one more)vehicle (a must)/taxes/fuel), no computers/Internet, goats, one pig, roosters/chickens, a few noisy dogs, turkeys, ducks, pheasants, one small solar panel, no financial support, coal used for cooking.
2) Venez Enfants et Vivez Mieux. Carrefour Mon Repos Dept. de l’Ouest, Haiti.
Private ownership, 34 kids average age 5, 20 more daytime students, big 3 (1 large main and 2 fifths/quarter floors) story house pieced together with the foundations salvaged from the 2001 quake (but soon to be relocated in a bigger “compound/property in June in Jacmel (Haiti), the operator/owners/teachers eat and drink what the children do (often little), no computers/Internet, no solar panel, mice, but do have donations coming in from a groups in the U.S. coal used for cooking.
2) Salvation Army, well known Charity said to be the wisest spender but will not allow athiests to work or volunteer for them.
3) Breast Cancer because I like them!
4) Prostrate Cancer because shit happens!
5) War Amps because they keep sending me key tags and I never pay for them!
6) Alzeimer research becuse I cannot remember why!
7) Families of 1,000 factory workers who died in the collapsed building. Do not forget they will be getting donations from around the world!
8) My Pension Plan. Hey why not! I deserve it like everyone else!
9) World Wildlife Federation. Give animals back 50% of the Global lands, river beds, waters, air space back!
10) Autism, because they are like you and I! They care too!
11) Project 10 Billion Plan now for when we reach 10 Billion inhabitants on this planet! Equal distribution of space, duties, time, and resources for everyone.

I wonder if I had an APP so that anyone who wants to donate/give to any of these causes can. #umber/ring in $5. The big and/or techy and/or stars do it all of the time!

Of course I want to be the admistrator of the funds! I do want to go help the most in need. With enough money I would send one full ocean container every year. They could remain there to be converted into homes/houses, like that movie star did, is doing. Would like the first one to be my place of retirement one day. One container every year to Haiti with what they need not what we think is needed!

Bidding will close at the drop of the puck on Game $6 between the Tronto Marble Laughs and the Bistun Bluins (2013).

Time for sleep, good night!

KingGDerome Employee of fainess and equality!

May 11, 2013
As wel as this text below, some additions/changes were made above.

Saw one snake while there. A long bright green one about 12 inches (30.5 cm.)long.The big panic was there to kill it right away. That is at Alcahaie
Orphanage. Thinking this morning that they should have captured it to study/reasearch in their science class.
Other animals, ground surface and air are also there for their possible studies/learning. Cages for birds, aquariums, microscopes, for their life study science classes. Give them something to do, responsibility of understanding nthe nature around them. Also give them a tour of the main streets of Port-au-Prince on a hot day and public buses.

One cat is all I saw. One night/morning soon after there was an animal fight with a last breath squeel o fone of them. Never saw it a gain. That was in PAP (Port au Prince ). More dogs for protection and edible garbage disposal. Many street dogs as well.they roam around at night for/to gang, fight/play, or fuck.

I wonder if the snake was or could be an endangered species?
Aquariums and cages.

Kids here in Toronto could also do the same instead of being inside on a computer, hiding, locked-in, texting, or watching TV!

About epqanna, epqannaman, KingGDerome

A person who sees, cares, has, doable attainable, plans ideas Visions of a better world for all life. Global person ignored by the in power wealthy spoiled arrogant and at times ignorant and very controlling. Hiding behind their evolved words and ways. Words are mightier then the sword, only and if, they are echoed!
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